Why Favourites Don’t Always Win? E.g. Leicester City Win 2016

Why Favourites Don’t Always Win?

Historically there have been so many sports upsets where favourites failed to win – even when they were so-called bang on certainties. greyhound tips

For example, remember Leicester City winning the English Football Premier League in 2016 (soccer to my American friends) at the start of the season you could get 5001.00 – yes that’s not a typo, five thousand and one. They were odds on for relegation yet almost turned the league upside down.


In 1990, a journeyman boxer stepped out of the ring the victor after 10 rounds, having defeated Mike Tyson, you could get 43.00 on Buster Douglas before the fight, that’s how sure the bookmakers were that he’d lose! In 2015 Japan beat South Africa in the Rugby World cup opening game, you could get odds of 51.00.


So how, why does this happen? Well, sorry to say it’s not that sophisticated an answer, basically anywhere that you have humans (or animals) there’s always a possibility of the improbable or the unlikely actually happening. Human (or animal) error, ‘a bad day at the office’, illness, weather, lack of concentration, arguments the list is endless.

So don’t be too hard on yourself when that so-called favourite doesn’t cross the line like it’s supposed to…


That’s why The Two Trap Greyhound System pretty much ignores what greyhound is running, in what trap, or how many times it’s won (or lost) in its last dozen races. That’s not to say it works every time, but it is damn near close!

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So if you don’t want to lose your shirt on a favourite don’t put your shirt on it in the first place, never trade or bet what you can’t afford to lose. Bookmakers rarely get (certain) sports wrong when setting the odds, but guess what they are only human, ah but they use computers I hear you say, well yes they do, and computers use data, and who has to put the data in?

Good luck in your sports trading and remember: ‘Stop Gambling and Start Trading! Click here if you want to learn more about a greyhound betting system that truly works.