Two Trap Greyhound System Online Calculator

Can I Use The Two Trap Greyhound System Calculator for Any Sport?

Can I Use The Two Trap Greyhound System Online Calculator for Any Sport?

I hope you know the term hump day and don’t think I’m being too familiar ;-).

Well, I was recently asked by one of my loyal followers (you know who you are), could the The Two Trap Greyhound System online calculator be used for any other sport other than greyhounds and for any other strategy other than The Two Trap Greyhound System?

Two Trap Greyhound System Online Calculator

Well, this did get me thinking I must say, so I was already pretty sure it could be since it’s partly based on selecting two possible outcomes in the same event, then keeping the trades consistent until you can stop at a WIN!


So, having done some cursory analysis and high-level research, I believe that yes, the online calculator can be used for other sports in addition to greyhound racing. The complexity will come in determining which sports and which markets within those sports will provide the highest probability of seeing consistent winners.

two trap greyhound system online calculator

Let’s take tennis for example, at the time of writing the Wimbledon Tennis tournament is just around the corner, so let’s say you fancy that ‘oldie but goodie’ Roger Federer to win at least once during the tournament. So in tennis (just like American Football) you can only win or lose – never draw. Well obviously he’s almost always going to be the favorite to win, unless he comes up against another top seed, so finding any value in a straightforward ‘win’ outcome probably is too risky – plus what would you place as your second outcome if it’s only ever win/lose – right?


So, for example, you might think ‘Federer will win in 3 straight sets, now the odds on that may be (should be) longer than the straight outright win. So you could think, I expect him to win 3 sets to 0 (3-0), but I’ll take a safety at 3-1; 3 sets to 1. So there you are same event, two possible outcomes. And if he doesn’t win 3-0, or  3-1 or he unusually loses, then you wait for Federer’s next match and use the exact same selection outcomes. You do this until hi WINs the stop.

roger federer

Roger Federer, source:

Now – BIG disclaimer here, I have zero idea if that would work, but it does illustrate the point that The Two Trap Greyhound System online calculator can be used for other events.


Which, now you’ve got me thinking, maybe I should take a look at this in more depth…… what do you think? I’ll let you know anyway… sometime soon.


Until next time…