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What to do when you invest in tip alerts and what to do if you can’t| Greyhound Betting System

What to do when you invest in tip alerts and what to do if you can’t| Greyhound Betting System

Okay, confession time, I invested in a new tipster service without paper trading it! Yes I know, the cardinal sin, no doubt some of you raised your eyes to the ceiling and thought ‘dumbass – I thought he was supposed to know what he’s doing’.

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Well let me defend myself – if at all, either way it’s definitely a lesson you won’t have to learn the hard way, as I’ve done THAT for you! About 3 weeks ago an email dropped in to my inbox subject: ‘Make a Killing using this Top Secret World Cup 2018 Formula’, interesting I thought – I better have a look.

So I clicked on the link, was taken to this ‘simple’ sales page where this explained in words (no video) how he and ‘a group of fellow professional football punters’ were going to Russia and would clean up with their betting strategy and for a small sum I could subscribe to get their daily tips.

So far so good, nothing wrong with this. Now I have a golden rule I stand by when I invest in a system, that is to always paper trade for at least 14 days, or until I am comfortable both with how the system works and also how successful the system is.

Now, you’ll immediately realise that as the system is based around the World Cup 2018, there’s no way I can paper trade to find out if the system will work. So I had two choices – don’t invest, or invest and set a stop loss!

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So I did the latter, thank the universe I did! So after 9 opening group matches and 13 tips, only 4 had won and they were odds of less than 2.0 – I could have ‘tipped’ them myself, in fact my 81 year old Mother could have done that too!

So needless to say, I hit my stop loss shortly after and have stopped following their tips, well actually that’s not quite true – I still am following their tips – but I am using the information in a different way, do you know what that is? No? Well I’m out of time now, so I’ll have to let you know in my next article….

Make sure you look out for it….. until next time….