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Laying a Bad Tipster: This simple trick turned my fortune around!

Laying a Bad Tipster: This simple trick turned my fortune around!

Right hello there, how’s your weekend going? Mine has gone great! In fact I’ve had a great week too. But it’s not all about me is it…

bad tipster

In my previous article, I told you what you should always do when investing in a new tip alerts service, even before you start trading! Did you see / read it? No? Well go and read that first then come back here. If you did, you’ve probably been impatiently waiting for this ‘golden nugget’ I am about to share with you.

Here’s what happened to me.

I invested in a tipping service for football (soccer) as it began to roll out and I paper traded, as I always do to test a new system I am trading.

I know there’s a temptation to start straight away, but if a system is THAT good, waiting a few weeks to prove on paper how good a system is, can save you a small fortune. Also conversely, if it proves to be a ‘lemon’ of a tipping system, you can turn it into lemonade.

trick that turned profits

How? Well rather than back or trade as a winning bet. Lay against the selection winning. You won’t be surprised (or maybe you will) to learn that some systems really are THAT POOR, that they come close to being a scam, unfortunately. Worst of all, they often don’t provide any kind of guarantee (unlike The Two Trap Greyhound System) should it prove to be doodoo.

So there you are, you get a system that is soooooo bad it couldn’t pick it’s nose LOL. So now you can turn your ‘poor’ investment into profit, every system has to be right sometime (even a stopped clock is right twice a day).

betting tips

When the tipster suggests a ‘home win’ for example, then you can ‘lay the home win’. With proper trading and a good staking strategy you should be able to make a comfortable tidy profit.

Come back for more golden nuggets when I am next around ;-), see you soon.