security exchange comission

Security, Exchange, Commission – IF You Want To Keep It!

Security Exchange Commision. No, this is not what you think it is.

I like that little play on words,  some might call it ‘click bait’ but I don’t see it that way. After all I am not talking about the SEC – our American friends will know about that, but there is a tenuous link here, since both The Two Trap Greyhound System and Wall Street do trade on markets.


‘Okay smarty pants, what are you on about?’


Well, this is a cautionary tale…..


Once upon a time in a land far far away, actually not that far (UK) and not that long ago (last year), a friend of mine, let’s call him Stephen (not his real name) called me, he said ‘Pete I’ve been robbed’ I said ‘are you okay, are you injured?’  ‘I’m fine’ he said, but my account isn’t’


He proceeded to explain that his online bookmaker’s exchange account had been hacked and someone had withdrawn his trading bank. I asked him if he had 2-step authentication, his response was that he didn’t.

security exchange commission

So, every online exchange has T&C’s and none (as far as I know) accept any responsibility for your account being hacked. So I recommend that you ensure you have 2 – step authentication as part of any online login, especially where your hard worked funds are deposited.


Below are some Betfair videos that will help set up 2 step verification. Other exchanges will have similar tutorials.




I hope this helps, until next time….