My second passion – Football (Soccer)

My second passion – Football (Soccer)

I thought we’d take a break from greyhounds, as fun as they are even I like a change from trading the dogs from time to time.

First of all, I have to confess I know very little about football (soccer) when it comes to knowing which team is likely to win based on form or the players. I blame this on being a lifelong Birmingham City supporter.

football passion

But, as you know, I do from time to time, use other sports tipster services and one that I have found to be better than most is proving to have great results in terms of tips for leading / major leagues.


The tips are super easy to follow and take just 5 minutes or less for each tip you’ll receive directly into your inbox. Go to the link here;  right now to gain access to this excellent tipster service.

two trap greyhound betting system

As always, remember my cardinal rule – always paper trade first, then the you’re ready start trading.


Until next time….