myths on greyhound trading

Amazing Myths On Greyhound Trading part 2

Hi again,

This is Amazing Myths On Greyhound Trading part 2!

Just a short update,  just wanted to round of some of the BS myths that go around on how mysterious the art of winning on greyhound racing is.

myths on greyhound trading

Myth – ‘Knowledge is the key to successful betting strategies’


Busted – there’s no perfect trading or betting system, period. Not in sports, not in forex and certainly not in stocks and share dealing. So suck it up and get on with it, or get out. With The Two Trap Greyhound System you don’t need a vast array of knowledge and you don’t need to be buried in the form and breeding of every greyhound running and every trainer and course out there. You just need a proven system that works.


Myth – pick your races for the best chance of success.


Busted – two things wrong with that already; ‘pick your races’ duh! No, it’s NOT the races but the tracks that give you the edge! The second point; ‘the best chance’ – err, seriously are you going to leave your betting / trading to chance?


I don’t think so, you need a good system that can help improve the probability of success from not just selecting the right traps, but also the right way to set your stakes around trading to ensure a higher probability of success. That’s what you get with The Two Trap Greyhound System.


Myth – favourites win the majority of races

trading myths

Busted – OMG! No I say no! I am sure this is put out there by the bookmakers to sucker amateur punters and, let’s face it, gamblers into parting with their hard earned dough. I’ve done the research and you can do your own for how often favourites win.

Are you sitting down?


Favourites win less than 40% of the time!


That’s right under 40% of the time (39% actually). That means you’re more likely to make more money trading on a betting exchange and laying the favourites (especially below 1.99) than you are backing them to win.


Don’t know what ‘laying’ is, go back through my past newsletters, or check out my site for articles and videos on laying strategies.


There you have it…… see you soon!