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How To Do The Research For Trap Selections In Greyhound Betting?

How To Do The Research For Trap Selections In Greyhound Betting?

Hello people, I’m worried.


Recently, some of our new family members have been emailing me with their questions and in their emails, they call out the results of their research.


Now, I’ve been doing this a long time, I also do the research every week to make sure the system is working at its optimum return.

Trap Selections
A recent email from a member indicated that he had concluded that Traps 3 and 6 at a particular racetrack were ideal for the system.

I was certain that the racetrack did not meet the minimum criteria for The Two Trap Greyhound System to work successfully.

So I checked, sure enough, he was wrong. There were three traps all with the exact outcomes, it didn’t matter which way you filtered it, there were still three traps that qualified.


He was fortunate, if he did follow his selections, he would have won the first race at odds of 3.5.

greyhound betting system

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My team always respond back to those clients where they have gone wrong. Now, short of a personal 1 on 1 coaching session, the next best thing is the online training modules.


If you decide not to invest in the videos or in the research done for you weekly alerts, that’s entirely your choice, but you absolutely must do the research right and paper trade until you are comfortable with the complete system, then you can trade.


One problem some people experience is that they get carried away with trying to find the track and traps which work with The Two Trap Greyhound System that they subconsciously (I hope) find a racetrack that it’s their version of The Two Trap Greyhound System.

Let me tell you – there’s only one The Two Trap Greyhound System any deviation will cost you.

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So please, I implore you, do the research right, don’t cut corners. This is a type of confirmation bias, where the information is taken and made to fit the beliefs or biases.


Until next time, see you soon.