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5 Greyhound Betting Systems That Win

Greyhound betting can be both exciting and lucrative if you have the right strategy. It takes more than luck to win when betting on greyhounds, but with the right system in place, you can increase your chances of success.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best greyhound betting systems that will help you make money while having fun. We’ll look at a variety of systems, from basic strategies to advanced ones that require a deeper understanding of the sport.

I’m going to be sharing with you 5 greyhound betting systems that win. Make sure you watch to the end as number five is my recommended system for you.

System Number 1, Exchange Scalping.

It’s not easy to come up with a good profitable greyhound selection strategy if you rely only on backing just one greyhound in any one race. Racing is frenetic, and the slightest bump or trip can totally change the race.

Backing more than one greyhound in a race increases your probability of winning. Depending on the country, there can never be more dogs running in a race than there are traps. In the UK, that’s a maximum of six dogs per race.

This simple strategy uses the lack of liquidity on betting exchanges to help improve your profits.

Here’s how: 

Follow live race prices on a regular online bookmaker.

Wait for the live prices to appear and make note of the three longest odds dogs

Then go to your betting exchange site and back the 3 outsiders to win

Carry this on until you win, then stop at a win!

By using a betting exchange you are taking advantage of the fact that the greyhound markets have low liquidity. Enough to ensure proper market forces are put into play to create price competition.

System number 2, Outsiders Exchange

Here’s a twist on system number 1, but it does need patience and some research.

Follow a race meet and if you can find a track where early races are won by dogs at odds of greater than 4 then you could back the 3 outsiders on the betting exchanges, where odds are usually better.

Here’s how.

Check the results for a venue that has already run 2 or 3 races. 

If you see an outsider or two winning in these early races, check the same venue again once the racing has finished seeing if the strategy would have won. 

If you want to test this idea out historically, go to the results pages and choose some days at random to see if the venue has consistent long odds winners. 

You will find that at some venues the front three favourites in the market tend to dominate throughout. So look for the reverse of that.

System number 3, Arbitrage

An arbitrage strategy guarantees you a profit, regardless of the result.

Arbitrage is made possible by using a bet exchange. You can wager on how the odds are moving either back or lay, then, when the odds move in your favour, place a back bet to lock in a profit.

There’s many videos on how to do this, just search arbitrage betting for more details.

System number 4, Lay it – To win it

You’ll need a betting exchange account for this one.

First of all go to the site’s greyhound form page for the next race.

Then remove any Trap number that is mentioned winning either at the race track, the distance or the grade of race.

Whatever is left lay the Trap with the lowest odds.

Always lay on odds below 4.0. You only need a hit rate of 75% to profit using this system.

System number 5. The Two Trap Greyhound System 

I couldn’t do a video about greyhound betting systems that win, if I didn’t include my own ebook and training video called; The Two Trap Greyhound System.

5 greyhound betting system that wins

The Two Trap Greyhound System offers you the opportunity to see regular profits from backing greyhounds, and historically has thrown up long odd winners.

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