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MBT Sports started life as a single product, an ebook researched and developed and tested by our founder and the author of the book; The Two Trap Greyhound System.

Over many months and having received comments and feedback from many satisfied readers and users of the system, we realised that our readers would benefit from a more enhanced and comprehensive service, not just an ebook but also a training video course to help with the application of the Two Trap Greyhound System.

The past few years has seen the members area grow and, as a result of feedback from members we have once more upgraded the MBT Sports members area.

We believe we have now made the changes our existing members, and future members too, will appreciate and agree with the value that’s available inside the members area.

But we won’t stop there, we continue to listen to the comments and feedback from you, our customers, and we strive to make improvements that enhance your experience and benefit even more from being a member of MBT Sports.

Sports Trading Calculator

We have worked with great enthusiasm for many years to create and finetune the systems and information and to make it available to you. We have shared much of our knowledge and experience which we have accumulated over many years in the sports trading sector.

MBT Sports is founded on our passion for sports betting, based on the use of probability and statistical analytics.

Ultimately MBT Sports is for you, the members, it’s our goal for the site to be your go-to database of betting strategies and information. Ultimately to help you be successful and to win in sports bets in the long term.

MBT Sports is a living website, over time we will continue to improve the website with new ideas and functionalities, and for this to happen, we need your input of your user experience and your comments.

We truly hope you enjoy being a member of MBT Sports, just  as much as we do in the development. And that you get the most out of your investments in sports betting with MBT Sports.

We always welcome comments and suggestions from our users, if you want to share any feedback with us, or to raise any concerns, please email us at