“1X2” betting

An Alternative Betting Market: The “1 X 2”

An Alternative Betting Market: The “1 X 2”. In any two-sided sport, such as football, either there will be one team who will win each match, or it ends in a draw. The winner could be the home team or the away team, or the favoured player or the underdog. This makes two-sided sports a simple platform if you’re looking for how to bet on sports.

One of the strategies that betting experts employ in football betting is known as “1X2” betting. The number 1 represents a win by the home team; 2 is for a win by the away team; and X is for a draw. This means it’s ideal for sports like football, where each match has these three possible outcomes.

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Let’s use an example from a match between Arsenal and Leicester in the 2017-2018 Premier League season. In this match, Leicester are the away team, while Arsenal are the home team. So Arsenal is “1”, Leicester is “2”, and a draw is “X”. Here, Arsenal are favoured with odds of 1.36, Leicester’s odds are at 8.50, and the draw is at 4.75.


This means that for a stake of, say, £10, a bet on “1” would give you a £13.60 profit if Arsenal wins. A bet on “2” would give £85 profit if Leicester wins. A bet on “X” would give £4.75 if the game finishes in a draw.

“1X2” betting

While 1X2 betting may be a simple strategy, you would still have to know the statistics of each team. Their performance, win/loss percentages, and other such factors will determine their odds. Knowing these figures will help you make informed bets each time.

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