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One of the underlying principles of The Two Trap Greyhound System is to use historical data and probability in helping to identify the race courses and traps where The Two Trap Greyhound System is most likely to be successful.

Stake Trading Calculator

Using the bookmaker’s own odds, it’s also possible to determine the probability of a certain event occurring in other sports, such as soccer.


Bookmakers odds are based on statistics and data, together with a slight margin in favour of the bookmaker. As you know, if you trade often enough, there’s a reason some teams or events have such short odds favourites – it’s because the data suggests the probability of success is high – hence the odds offered are low, in many cases below evens (or 2.0 in decimal odds).


But where there is a level of instability is the side markets for an event, take soccer as an example. The side market of BTTS (both teams to score) for example where yes is below 2.0 suggests the data indicates a high probability of a result. Using that data you can trade on another side market of over/under goals scored.


If BTTS YES is below 2.0 and Over 1.5 goals are around 1.5 or lower, then a good trade would be to go over 1.5 goals. Why over 1.5 and not BTTS? Because BTTS requires both teams to score, whereas over 1.5 only needs either or both teams to score 2 or more goals, you win whether it’s 1-1 or 2-0 or more, the returns may be lower, but the likelihood of consistent profits is much better.


When you are looking at your sports trading and looking at ways to widen your strategies, give consideration to these side markets and how the data from one can add value to another.

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