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10 Tips for Betting on Greyhound Racing in 2019 Part 2

These are the top tips when betting on greyhound betting (the two trap greyhound system criteria excepted) in 2019 Part 2. If you haven’t watched the Part 1, click here. Do you want to know the system we use in greyhound betting? Be a member here. Join our private Two Trap Greyhound System FB group here.

Tennis Betting Strategy for 2019

If you are new to tennis sports betting or trading what is a good tennis betting strategy for 2019? Well, tennis is an interesting sport, not just to follow along but also because when top-seeded players are up against the lower seeds, it’s often clear that the Top seeds will win. This is clearly reflected […]

More Tips for Dog Racing in 2019

As you know The Two Trap Greyhound System doesn’t use any performance greyhound statistics within the system. No, the Two Trap Greyhound System works on the science of the law of probability and an effective recovery staking plan, in reality though the recovery plan is rarely needed. That’s why I am always reluctant to offer tips on specific […]