In 2019, the BBC produced a short documentary broadcast on BBC three, where a reporter went along to a UK race track with a so-called professional gambler. I say so-called, because if you’ve seen the video, you’ll ask yourself how can he be considered a professional gambler when he loses a ton of cash in just a few races?

Beat the Bookies

Go to the BBC iplayer and watch the complete documentary called; can you beat the bookies

The BBC video’s theme and narrative are set out in such a way that it leads to the conclusion that betting on greyhounds or any gambling for that matter, is a fool’s game. And in the way that the reporter and this professional gambler were seen making their bets – it’s easy to see why that conclusion can be met.

The clip probably takes everything out of context, and the professional gambler is portrayed as an idiot.

Although we don’t see how he makes his selections, given that he loses over £1,000 on a few greyhound races, it suggests he has a very poor system and a questionable recovery strategy.

The saying, a fool and his money are soon parted, is true in this respect. With too much cash and no obvious strategy either in selection or staking, you will quickly go broke.

So can you beat the bookies? If you have the right systems, and the right staking plan, and you treat your betting in a professional way, as an additional income stream, then the answer is yes.

Watch the video to know more as I explain why. But you have to be over 18 to watch the video. :)

Dive into the high-stakes world of greyhound racing with us as we enlist the help of a professional gambler to take on the formidable bookies! This gripping video is packed with heart-racing moments and insider tips that could revolutionize your betting game. There’s only one way to find out—watch our electrifying challenge against the bookies now!


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