best greyhound trap to lay

What’s the best greyhound trap to lay? (2019)

Before we get in to what’s the best greyhound trap to lay, let’s just give a simple explanation of what a ‘lay’ bet is.

Laying is essentially the opposite to backing a selection. Think of it as taking on the part of the bookmaker, essentially instead of backing a selection to win – you are laying it (betting) to lose. If you think about it, that’s how bookmakers make their profit. Whereas you may only be able to lay one selection in a particular event, a bookmaker will lay all the selections in the event.

With the formation of the internet, this has lead to the development of the betting exchanges, where it’s now possible to either trade as a traditional ‘back’ bet or to bet against a result by laying the selection.

The betting exchanges give you the option of either backing something to win or laying something to lose, simples.

As with pretty much any event that punters can gamble on, there are always going to be people who are willing to back just about anything. This is no different for greyhound races either.

In greyhound racing the betting market is often very tight, which means it’s rare for there to be a large spread of odds between the 6 (or 8) racing traps.

So, what’s the answer to the question; “what’s the best greyhound trap to lay” ? Many of you reading this will already have an idea of the answer to this question.

As you no doubt have heard me say before, in any sports event where animals and humans play significant roles – which is evey sport except the virtual sports on the online bookmakers, there’s always an unknown element which, even with the best trading models on earth, you cannot allow for human or animal error.

So how can we determine what’s the best greyhound trap to lay?


Well I wouldn’t recommend simply laying every greyhound in the same race. As you know, if you are using the two trap greyhound system already or following results as you paper trade, quite often non-favourites will win a race, and this can be with some quite long odds, even over and above 12.0, that means you could lose all your bank on your first trade as you have to cover the liability of 11 times the stake!

That’s not to say that greyhounds don’t make for some good laying opportunities. You just have to have a system that gives you the edge.


‘Come again’ I hear some of you say, ‘how can the two trap greyhound system support a lay system for greyhound racing?’

Now, for some of you who have been with the THE TWO TRAP GREYHOUND SYSTEM family for some time will have probably figured it out. But bear with me for now.

So THE TWO TRAP GREYHOUND SYSTEM is based on the law of probability and a controlled recovery system, that when followed exactly as detailed in the two trap greyhound system ebook, can help to identify which two traps have the HIGHEST probability of winning at the racetrack under review.

How will you be able to identify what’s the best greyhound trap to lay using the two trap greyhound system? You simply reverse engineer the process, using the principles of the two trap greyhound system you look for the reverse results of the two trap greyhound system to identify which trap is the worst performing.

When you have done so, this will give you the traps with the highest probability of NOT winning the race, even when the greyhound in the race has been selected as a favourite.

You will need to do your own recovery system in order to protect yourself from potential losses.

That’s great right? Well almost, but what if you could go down a little deeper with your analysis?

Here’s a working example:

Let’s say the two trap greyhound system in reverse, as it were, had identified Trap 4 as the most probable trap to lose at, say, Hove. Now your general analysis indicates that Trap 4 loses about 42% of all races over a 3 year period. 42% is still a big risk right?

So what more can we do to find the best greyhound trap to lay? How about we look at the time range? So let’s say we identify that for every dog that was drawn from Trap 4, that was running before 14.00hrs, there was a very high number of losers. This is actually true for some Traps at certain racecards.

In fact, if you can identify the right Trap and time window, it’s possible to identify Traps with very low winners, some detailing as low as 4% of winners.

Think of that for a minute, 4% – that means that 96% of all greyhounds selected in the above example that were running before 14.00hrs lost their race! 96% !!

A word of caution here, don’t just go off and run the ‘lay’ system – or any system for that matter until you have paper traded for some time. I haven’t tried this myself (yet) but is that possible the answer to how to identify the best greyhound trap to lay?


Good luck in your sports trading and remember: ‘Stop Gambling and Start Trading! 😊

Until next time… Thanks!

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