betting on greyhound racing in 2019

10 Tips for Betting on Greyhound Racing in 2019 (Part 1)

I’ve been asked for broader guidelines for betting on greyhounds. Now, as you know the two trap greyhound system works a system, a very successful system, and uses as part of it’s system a recovery plan and the rules of probability. As such the two trap greyhound system isn’t gambling, it’s sports trading – so long as you follow the system exactly.

I do realise that some of our members like to know the background to the sports covered, so here’s some of the main tips you should (would) consider if you were to bet on greyhounds and had the luxury (and patience) to do the research….

These are the top tips when betting on greyhound betting (the two trap greyhound system criteria excepted) in 2019

Watch out for the next 5 tips on my Part 2 video of this.
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