Tips for Dog Racing: How to Master the Track

Tips for Dog Racing: How to Master the Track

As you know The Two Trap Greyhound System doesn’t use any performance greyhound statistics within the system.

No, the Two Trap Greyhound System works on the science of the law of probability and an effective recovery staking plan, in reality though the recovery plan is rarely needed.

That’s why I am always reluctant to offer tips on specific greyhounds and their likelihood of winning. That said though, there are many sites on the internet where tips are freely offered. The problem for me is that I don’t think there’s a clear benefit in determining which greyhound is going to win for EVERY race card at a meeting.

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Dog racing can be thrilling, but it’s not just about luck. Understanding systems and strategies can significantly improve your chances of success.

In this post, I’ll share some essential tips for dog racing, focusing on the Two Trap Greyhound System, a method that relies on probability rather than performance statistics. Let’s dive into how you can enhance your dog racing experience and optimize your approach.

Understanding the Two Trap Greyhound System

Unlike many betting systems, the Two Trap Greyhound System doesn’t depend on greyhound performance stats. Instead, it utilizes the law of probability and an effective recovery staking plan. In practice, the recovery plan is rarely needed, making it a straightforward and efficient method for traders.

Tips for Dog Racing: How to Master the Track

One of the standout benefits of this system is the reduced research time. You don’t need to analyze every race card at a meeting. Instead, a weekly review of race results is sufficient to ensure the system is working as expected.

Key Tips for Dog Racing

While the Two Trap Greyhound System simplifies the process, there are still some critical factors to consider to fine-tune your selections:

1. Check the Weather Conditions

Weather plays a significant role in greyhound racing, and understanding its impact can give you a competitive edge. Different weather conditions can alter the track’s characteristics, affecting how the dogs perform.

  • Wet Conditions: When it rains, the track can become slick and muddy, especially on the inside lanes. This generally benefits wide runners who can avoid the worst of the slush and maintain their speed better. Inside runners may struggle with heavier going, slowing them down and making it harder to navigate turns efficiently.
  • Dry Conditions: Conversely, in dry conditions, the track is usually faster and more consistent across all lanes. This means the advantage of wide runners is diminished, and inside runners may perform better than they would on a wet track.
  • Temperature Extremes: Extremely hot or cold weather can also impact greyhound performance. In hot weather, dogs may tire more quickly, while in cold weather, they might not warm up properly, affecting their speed and agility.
betting on greyhound racing

Keeping an eye on the weather forecast before a race can help you predict which dogs will have an advantage based on their track positions. For instance, if you know it’s going to rain, you might favor wide runners in your selections. Conversely, in dry conditions, you might give more consideration to the inside runners.

By incorporating weather conditions into your analysis, you can make more informed decisions and improve your chances of selecting winning greyhounds. Remember, successful trading is about stacking the odds in your favor, and the weather is a crucial piece of that puzzle.

2. Focus on Younger Greyhounds

Age and experience can significantly influence a greyhound’s performance on the track. While older greyhounds bring experience, younger greyhounds, especially those with less than 20 runs, often present unique opportunities for traders.

  • Improvement Potential: Younger greyhounds are typically still in the process of developing their racing skills and stamina. This means they are more likely to show significant improvement from one race to the next. Their performance can become more consistent as they gain experience, making them a potentially valuable asset in your trading strategy.
  • Adaptability: Younger dogs are often more adaptable and can quickly adjust to different track conditions and racing strategies. This adaptability can be a crucial factor in their success, especially when racing under varying weather conditions or against different competitors.
  • Less Predictable but High Reward: While younger greyhounds might be less predictable compared to their older counterparts, this unpredictability can work to your advantage. Since they are improving and adapting, they might be underestimated by the market, offering better odds and higher potential returns.
  • Competitive Edge: Older greyhounds, although experienced, might have reached their performance peak. They are more likely to “sit back” or conserve energy during a race, especially towards the end. Younger greyhounds, on the other hand, are often more aggressive and eager to prove themselves, which can give them a competitive edge in close races.
  • Monitoring Training and Progress: Pay attention to the training regimens and progress reports of younger greyhounds. Trainers often have insights into which younger dogs are showing promise and improvement. This information can be valuable when selecting which dogs to back.

By focusing on younger greyhounds, you can capitalize on their growth potential and adaptability. Look for signs of improvement in recent races, and consider the conditions under which they performed well. This strategic approach can enhance your trading decisions and increase your chances of success on the track.

3. Consider the Trainer’s Track Record

Some trainers consistently perform better at certain tracks. Identifying these trainers and their successful dogs can give you an edge. Dogs trained by individuals with a proven track record at a specific track are often more likely to win.

Avoiding the Gamble

One of the most crucial tips for dog racing is to resist the urge to gamble. Stick to the Two Trap Greyhound System for your trading. This disciplined approach can help you avoid the pitfalls of gambling and focus on consistent, strategic trading.

Conclusion: From Gambling to Trading

Transitioning from gambling to sports trading can be highly rewarding. By implementing the Two Trap Greyhound System and considering factors like weather, greyhound age, and trainer performance, you can enhance your dog racing strategy. Remember, the key is to trade smartly and avoid the gamble. Good luck, and happy trading!

Greyhound Racing Strategy

Final Thought

Always keep in mind the mantra: “Stop Gambling and Start Trading!” With these tips and the Two Trap Greyhound System, you’re well on your way to mastering dog racing.

Betting Against The Favourite

Betting Against The Favourite: A Strategy for Success


In this blog post, I want to address some recent comments and questions we’ve received from new members of our Facebook group.

One of the common hurdles mentioned is “betting against the favourite.” Today, I’ll explain why this can be a profitable strategy, especially when using the Two Trap Greyhound System.

Why Betting Against The Favourite Can Work

Many newcomers to sports trading feel uneasy about betting against their favorite. It’s a natural concern, as conventional wisdom often suggests backing the favourite increases your chances of winning. However, the Two Trap Greyhound System operates differently. This system doesn’t rely on which greyhounds are favourites; instead, it focuses on the probability of specific traps winning. By doing so, you will frequently find yourself betting against the favourite.

Betting Against The Favourite

The Importance of Probability Over Popularity

In traditional betting, favourites are favourites for a reason—they have a higher likelihood of winning based on past performance, form, and other factors. However, this often means the odds offered on favourites are low, resulting in smaller returns.

In contrast, the Two Trap Greyhound System leverages the statistical probabilities associated with trap positions rather than the individual performance of the greyhounds.

By focusing on trap probabilities, the system identifies value bets where the odds are in the trader’s favour, even if it means betting against the popular choice. This approach can uncover opportunities that conventional betting strategies overlook.

For instance, a greyhound starting from a particular trap might have a historically higher win rate, making it a more attractive bet regardless of whether it is the favourite or not.

Exploiting Market Inefficiencies

Betting markets, like any other market, can be inefficient. Favourites often attract a significant amount of betting money, which can skew the odds and create value opportunities elsewhere. When many bettors place their money on the favourite, the odds on other greyhounds become more favourable, offering higher returns for those willing to bet against the favourite.

The Two Trap Greyhound System capitalizes on these market inefficiencies by identifying traps with higher winning probabilities. This allows traders to consistently find value bets that offer better returns. By not being swayed by the favourite’s status, traders can exploit these inefficiencies and increase their overall profitability.

The Psychological Edge

Betting against the favorite also provides a psychological edge. Many bettors are emotionally influenced by the perceived certainty of a favorite’s win, leading to biased decision-making. By adopting a systematic approach that disregards favorites and focuses on statistical probabilities, traders can make more rational and objective decisions.

Two Trap Greyhound System Ebook

The Two Trap Greyhound System removes the emotional element from betting. It relies on data and historical performance of traps rather than the subjective appeal of individual greyhounds. This helps traders stay disciplined, avoid common betting pitfalls, and maintain a consistent strategy that enhances long-term profitability.

Proven Track Record

The success of the Two Trap Greyhound System is backed by a proven track record. Years of research and practical application have demonstrated that focusing on trap probabilities yields high returns. While betting against the favorite might seem counterintuitive, the system’s methodology has consistently delivered results.

In other words, the Two Trap Greyhound System’s focus on trap probabilities rather than individual greyhound performance ensures profitability regardless of favorites. By leveraging statistical analysis, exploiting market inefficiencies, and maintaining a disciplined approach, betting against the favorite can be a highly effective strategy in sports trading.

Balancing Trading and a Busy Schedule

Another common concern is finding time to trade while managing a day job. Many people struggle with this balance, myself included. While I don’t get to trade as often as I’d like, I make the most of the time I do have. Even spending an hour in front of the computer can be sufficient. I analyze which racetracks offer the best probabilities for a Two Trap Greyhound System win and trade for about half an hour. This brief period is often enough to achieve profitable results.

Practical Example: Efficient Trading in Limited Time

Let’s consider a practical example to illustrate how you can effectively trade within a limited time frame using the Two Trap Greyhound System. Suppose you have a busy day ahead, but you manage to carve out one hour in the evening to focus on your trades.

  1. Preparation (15 minutes):
    • Start by logging into your sports trading account and accessing your data resources.
    • Review the day’s race schedule and identify the races that are about to start within the next hour.
    • Use the Two Trap Greyhound System criteria to quickly assess which traps at specific racetracks have the highest probabilities of winning based on historical data and current conditions.
  2. Selection (10 minutes):
    • Narrow down your choices to 3-4 races that fit the system’s parameters.
    • For each selected race, determine the traps with the best statistical probabilities of winning.
    • Note down your selections and the corresponding odds offered by the bookmakers.
  3. Placing Bets (10 minutes):
    • Place your bets on the identified traps for each race.
    • Ensure you have set your stop loss limits to manage risk effectively.
  4. Monitoring (25 minutes):
    • Spend the remaining time monitoring the races you have bet on.
    • Track the progress and outcome of each race, and make any necessary adjustments if new opportunities arise or if the conditions change significantly.

Example Outcome:

Suppose you identified four races where Trap 2 and Trap 4 have historically high win rates. You place modest bets on these traps based on the odds provided. As the races unfold, you observe the following outcomes:

  • Race 1: Trap 2 wins, providing a decent return on your bet.
  • Race 2: Trap 4 comes in second, resulting in a loss for this race.
  • Race 3: Trap 2 wins again, further increasing your returns.
  • Race 4: Trap 4 does not place, but the overall profit from the other races covers this loss.

In this scenario, despite only trading for a brief period, you managed to leverage the Two Trap Greyhound System effectively. By focusing on races with the highest probabilities and maintaining discipline in your betting strategy, you achieved profitable results within a limited time frame.

This practical approach demonstrates that even with a busy schedule, you can find success in sports trading by making the most of the time you have available.

The Search for Reliable Tips

A frequent question is about finding reliable tips. It’s important to understand that no tipping service or sports trading strategy guarantees 100% success. Even the Two Trap Greyhound System has its off days, where losses occur. This is why we emphasize the importance of having a stop loss in place, both in terms of your betting bank and the number of races you participate in. This precaution prevents the risk of wiping out your entire betting bank.

Sports Trading Calculator

Despite occasional losses, the Two Trap Greyhound System has a strong track record. Consistency is key, and the system offers high returns with a remarkable strike rate. While many tipping services boast a 55-60% strike rate, our system’s research and performance indicate an 80-90% strike rate, depending on the specific results.

Betting Against The Favourite Using The Two Trap Greyhound System

In summary, betting against the favourite isn’t something to fear, especially when using a well-designed system like the Two Trap Greyhound System. It provides consistent high returns and mitigates risks through a strategic approach focused on trap probabilities.

If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to leave a message on our email. We’re also working on updating our website, so stay tuned for more resources and updates.

So till then keep on Sports trading and Happy Trading.

Lay the Draw Exit Strategies

Lay The Draw Exit Strategies for Sports Betting (Updated)

In this article we are going to share with you several top tips, you can use today to effectively exit your lay the draw trading positions.

While the method of lay the draw may guarantee profits, people still face a significant challenge. How do you know how and when to exit, that’s trade out, of a position? Is it when either team scores a goal, or do you let the game run up to the very end, or are there other options?

Deciding when to trade out, or exit a lay position, depends just as much on your attitude towards risk, as it does on how much profit you want to make.

As with all forms of trading, whether that’s sports trading, forex or day trading the stock market. There is no single exit strategy that works for everyone.

Before we get into that, let’s go over what the lay the draw system actually is.

Lay the Draw Exit Strategies

Lay The Draw Exit Strategies

In simple terms, the lay the draw exit strategy, you find a match with two evenly matched teams that have a recent form of conceding goals, you lay the draw early on in the match and then trade out once a goal is scored.

MBT Sports Pro Tip: Do not use this system with cup matches, since form and teams are more difficult to analyse and predict form.

Here’s a checklist of things to consider when preparing to trade a lay the draw selection.

First of all, make sure the match will be in play for trading during the match. You need to be able to trade out your lay bet during the match.

Make sure there’s good liquidity in the match market, you’ll need this in order to be able to trade out.

Next check the recent form of the two teams. Remember, when doing your analysis of the teams, that you make sure you are comparing league form in the competition in which the current match is being played.

MBT Sports Pro Tip: This is based on probability, not on form. If either team or both have played 2 consecutive drawn matches, the probability of a third is low. This improves your odds of a winning lay bet.

Next is to use a regular online bookmaker, not a betting exchange, and look at three sets of market prices for the match. The match result market of home win, draw, and away win. The Over 2.5 market. And the correct score market odds for 0-0.

For the match market, find the matches where none of the three outcomes back odds do not exceed 3/1 or 4.0 in decimal.

Now look at the over 2.5 goals market. You want to see that the odds for Under 2.5 are lower than the Over 2.5 goals market. This means the bookies expect that there will be goals.

Here’s an example in the Liverpool v Chelsea match:

The odds for 1X2 are 2.40, 3.25 and 3.0 and for under 2.5 goals is 1.8 and over 2.5 goals is 1.95. The bookies don’t expect many goals but since the over 2.5 goals is below evens it suggests that they expect a goal or two.

Next look at the correct score market, specifically the 0-0 scoreline odds, this is easy. Any 0-0 correct score odds at greater than 11.0 indicate bookmakers expect a goal.

Now compare the recent goals conceded form of each team. Make sure to check their last few matches, say up to 5 games. Do this for all matches as well as the most recent home matches for the home team and away matches for the visitors. Make a note of the teams they have played against and the position each team currently has in the league.

Now with all of this analysis completed, you should be comfortable enough to decide whether or not to lay the draw. You have a few options here.

Option 1.

You can let the first half play out, and at half time, if the teams are at 0-0 you could lay the draw and wait for the goal. Why wait until half time? By doing so, if it’s still 0-0 the odds for a draw will have shortened,, and since you are laying your bet your liability is lower.

MBT Sports Pro Tip: When laying 2nd half matches, check the teams 2nd half performances. You want to find teams who either score or concede goals in the second half, usually after 60 minutes.

Take a look for example:

At 3.5 Lay the draw the liability is £125

After half time at 0-0, around the 60th to 70th minute, the draw odds will drop as low as 2.0 and at this price your liability will be £50

That doesn’t matter much if you are going to trade out. But if you were to let it ride through the remainder of the match, if the match ends in a draw you lose your £50 (not £125). If it ends in a win for either side, you will profit by £50 less the exchange commission.

This strategy takes a bit more analysis to be done, you need to look at the stats for the first half to decide if there’s likely to be a goal in the second half. You can also check the 2nd half form of the two sides in their recent matches, both goals scored and conceded. All of this will help with your decision to lay the bet or move on to another match.

As you can see this approach works best at half time. And only if the score is 0-0. If you are confident that your analysis was right and a goal is expected, you could just let the match play out and take your full profit, rather than trade out and lose some of that profit.

That is really your choice, based on your own experience and your appetite for risk. If you choose this strategy we recommend you stick only to 0-0 half time draws. A score draw is too high risk, remember you picked two sides that concede a lot, they may also not score too many either. If they are usually goal shy, you could well lose a score draw half time lay the draw trade.

Option 2

You place your trade either before kick off or after 10 minutes, by which time you’ve seen some movement in the match market. If a goal is scored in the first ten minutes leave the match alone and go to another on your list. Some days you’ll have several potential matches on which to trade and make decent profits.

Option 3

This requires you WATCH the match as you’ll be trading in play and most likely at a crucial point in the game.

Look for signals in the game; a team may be having a lot of attacking possession, or there’s an attacking substitution or maybe one team has a corner or attacking free kick. You have to have your trade ready to place before the betting exchange suspends the action. Usually when a team is in a good position to likely score, betting exchanges will suspend all markets until that event in the match is over.

If you’re just starting in trading we don’t recommend you start with this, you need to be in control of your nerves and be confident in your trading in play abilities.

Lay The Draw Exit Strategies

With any of the lay options above you have a few options; stay in to the end of the match in the expectation one side will go on to win the match. Or look to trade out the match either when a goal is scored or when you feel deadlock is going to be the result. In which case you want to minimise any loss.

The best time to trade out to lock in a profit is as soon as a goal is scored and the markets open up again in play. Here’s what happened to the odds in the Liverpool Chelsea game once Chelsea took the lead:

The odds moved out, this gives you a profit opportunity by trading out through backing the draw. 

Since you placed a lay bet at 3.5 with liability of £50

If your back bet wins you’ll make a profit of £25. Simply put you receive £150 for the back win and pay out £125 for your lost lay bet of £50. Making a net profit of £25 less some commission.

The underdog scores first

The scorer of the goal just might be the underdog. So where does that leave you? Do you expect the favourite to come back and score at least two goals? If you’ve been following the match you’ll have a sense of the play and a feel for the likelihood of that happening. What you do will also depend on the goal time. How much time is left for the favourite to score more than one goal? You decide what to do.

The favourite scores first

The other scenario is the favourite scores. In which case the reverse is true, you’ve been following the match and the stats. Do you expect the favourite to go on and score more goals? Again, what you decide to do will depend on the goal time.

How much time is left for the favourite to score more goals, has the underdog looked likely to snatch a goal? The decision to trade out or ride the match for more profit is up to you.

Waiting for the a 2nd goal lead

Not for the faint hearted and definitely for the more experienced trader. Simply put, if you feel the winning team will go on to score a second goal, stay in the market and trade out after the 2nd goal. You will lock in more profit in doing so.

MBT Sports Pro Tip – you can partially trade out of a lay bet by simply backing the draw at a stake amount enough to keep you in with winning more lay money and covering liability.

Deadlock, goal shy matches; heading for 0-0

But, what if no goal is scored as the game goes on? Then you have two options. Trust your analysis expecting one side to sneak a win and run the risk of losing the lay bet and paying out the liability, in the Liverpool v Chelsea example that’s £125.

Or you can trade out by backing the draw. And again you have two options here; either at 70 mins of the match played regardless of the odds. Or when the back odds for the draw are at 2.0. Either will limit your liability but not cover it.

Double Chance your way out of the draw

This exit strategy will remove all risk from the draw as soon as a goal is scored. You place a back bet on the draw sufficient to cover the lay bet to close to zero. Which effectively gives you a double chance back bet if either side wins. If the match ends in a draw you will not make a loss, but you won’t make money either.

These are just some of the exit strategies you can use when using the lay the draw strategy for in play football matches.

If you’re new to sports trading we recommend you start with the smallest stakes you can, and just consider your first trading as experience, any funds lost are just paid for lessons on how you will improve on the way.

Take your time learning how to do this or any other new system. It’s better to lose small amounts while gaining experience than lose large at the start which will destroy your confidence and your betting bank!

Spread your risk – trade only one match at a time, you can do several matches during the day, if they meet the criteria. It’s always best to choose different kick off times or even to have two or three options so if you are able to trade out early you have another match, perhaps for Option one earlier, and trade at half time. With lunchtime, afternoon and evening kick offs you have a number of chances to trade on.

Remember the golden rules; ‘never trade (gamble) with money you can’t afford to lose’ and ‘when the fun stops – STOP’! Even with a good strategy, there are no guarantees of success in any form of trading, whether that’s sports, day trading or forex trading.

There you have it, our top exit strategies when Laying The Draw.

If you want exclusive sports tips, systems and strategies that we only share with members then head over to

Now we want to turn it over to you. Which of the exit strategies will you use first? Are you going to use after the first goal or have you got nerves of steel and you’ll trade out only when the winning team scores a second goal? Either way let us know in the comments section.

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Greyhound Betting Is It Worth It

Greyhound Betting: Is It Worth It? Here’s the Number 1 Reason Why

In this article, I’m going to be discussing with you a question that comes up regularly and that question is; is greyhound betting worth it?

Or put another way, is it worth spending time betting on greyhounds?

Just before we get into the video, time for a shameless plug. If you want to learn more tips and strategies for sports trading, then checkout our members area at

So let’s get started.

Greyhound Betting: The Two Trap Greyhound System

People who are experienced with sports trading struggle to see the value of greyhound betting. It’s usual for them to struggle to trade at the price they want, whether that’s to back or lay. Also, they find it more difficult to trade the racing and wonder why that is.

Those of you who are familiar with my book; The Two Trap Greyhound System, will know that in greyhound markets, especially if you’re looking to trade in the traditional sense, the betting market for greyhound races has very little liquidity. The opportunities to trade at prices that you want are restricted by the liquidity of the market and whether your lay price will be matched.

Grab the Two Trap Greyhound System ebook

Because of these small markets, greyhound racing has different characteristics than the mainstream sports markets such as football or tennis, as these markets are more popular with the general public.

As well as the size of the market, there are other factors that can influence pricing, not just the form of the dogs. Betting markets are particularly volatile and quite often the markets don’t move until around 5 minutes or less before the off.

Often trackside rumours will impact the market more so than the form. Additionally as prize money is so low for winning a race, trainers and owners look for other ways to supplement their income from a race, maybe even betting on or even against their own dog.

So, is it still possible to make money on greyhound racing? Absolutely yes.

BUT – you have to appreciate that greyhound racing as sport does not compete in the same way that other sports do, the external revenue received from sponsorship or TV is not reflective as say football or snooker, for example.

That’s why tracks will offer trackside entertainment like refreshments and dining in order to make a day or night out at the race track that more appealing. Betting on a dog race is almost secondary to having a good day or night out.

Another factor that influences the liquidity in markets is the number of races. Almost every day there are over 70 races that people can bet on. This spreads an already small number of followers across more and more races. Contrast that with football and generally speaking only a Saturday would have 70 or more matches on.

Greyhound Betting: Is It Worth It?

The smaller markets will be influenced much more by even the smallest movement in betting on a dog, and as mentioned before, usually this sparks into life with under 5 minutes before the start of a race. Often within a minute of the off is when the market is at it’s most liquid, almost too late to get the price you want.

But don’t despair, you can still get the value on your greyhound trading. The challenge comes when trying to get your staking plan in place when the markets are not so liquid. You may find you have to place more stake if you can’t get the price you want.

This is particularly true when laying your greyhound racing, whereas if you are backing you have more control and options to place your stake.

Is trading the best way to see a profit with greyhound racing? In general I’d say no. But when you have the right systems, the right staking plan and you treat your greyhound betting in a professional way, as an additional income stream, then the answer is yes. 

The Two Trap Greyhound System offers you the opportunity to see regular profits from backing greyhounds, and historically has thrown up long odd winners.

You can invest in the book but ideally, by subscribing as a member of MBT Sports, you’ll get access to the training, the MBT Sports calculator and also access to the research done for you greyhound racing alert service. 

As well as the greyhound system, you’ll also gain access to other sports betting strategies including football, horse racing, tennis and golf.

Remember, if you are not yet a member of MBT Sports, or you would like to get your copy of The Two Trap Greyhound System, click here.

betting on greyhounds: a beginner's guide

Betting on Greyhounds – A Beginners Guide

In this article, betting on greyhounds: A beginners guide, I am going to take you through the most popular greyhound bets that will help you get familiar with how to bet on greyhounds. Just to let you know from the start, there’s no sure way to win at greyhound betting. However, this greyhound bets explained guide will go some way to making you more knowledgeable on the sport.

I prefer the greyhound racing because there’s less room for variance – there’s so many more constants than in horse racing.

I’m probably not alone in this, but for me I much prefer betting on the dogs more than I do betting on horses! In fact, since becoming a more professional sports better, I rarely bother with horse racing.

I prefer greyhound racing because there’s more consistent factors than in horse racing. For example, there can only be 6 or 8 dogs in any given race depending on the country (UK and IRE is 6). Most tracks are all weather and so rarely impacted by the climate.

I also think it’s more exciting to watch. Why, because the races are fast and furious. It takes about a minute for most races to finish.

I first got into betting on greyhound racing about 30 years ago. Back then I was a real amateur, I’d just try to figure out a reverse forecast in the next dog’s race. There was no system behind it, I just looked up the fastest two dogs and wrote their trap’s in a reverse forecast onto my slip. No internet in those days.

Truth be told, I lost more than I won, but I did enjoy the speed of the race and that you’d know the result really quickly. Another big advantage was that you still had time to get on the next race if you wanted to do that.

Online bookmakers today offer very similar bets to those you can still get in the traditional bookies on high street. Except now it’s from the comfort of your own home or on your computer or smartphone.

In my book; THE TWO TRAP GREYHOUND SYSTEM although we don’t use other forms of betting on greyhounds. I have been asked by readers to give some background to the types of bets that can be had.

When you’ve read through this article you should be familiar with how does greyhound racing betting work. Now read on.

Types of Greyhound Racing Bets

Many of the terms used for Greyhound Betting types are common to many other sports and betting markets too. Some of these you will already be familiar with. Unless you are a complete beginner to sports trading or betting. So let’s explain what are the bets at greyhound racing.

Ante Post

Ante post is simply placing a wager on the trap or dog well before the start of the race. This can be days or even months, in the case of big races, before the main event.

In greyhound racing the most popular ante post bets are for the Derby events. The English or Irish Greyhound Derby events for example. These competitions have a number of qualifying rounds so it’s possible to get long odds on greyhounds even those that are favourite to win outright.

The Single or Win Bet

There’s not much to say about this type of bet. The win bet is the easiest bet to describe. This is a straight forward bet; you choose the dog you want to win the race outright (coming in first place).

Place or Each Way Bet

If you were wondering can you bet each-way on greyhounds, here’s the answer.

An each-way bet is the second most popular bet on both greyhounds and horse racing.

Not sure if your chosen dog is good enough to win? Then bet each way, it’s simply two bets on the same dog. Half of your total stake is bet on the dog to win and half on it to be placed in a qualifying position.

If your selection wins, you win on both the win and place parts of the bet. The place part of the bet is paid out at a fraction of the win odds and will be shown in the betting slip.

Each-way betting can be a very useful strategy when selecting long odds (or outsiders) in a race.

Many of you may already use the two trap greyhound system and will have seen that quite often the winning dogs have longer odds, some as high as 9.0 or more! 

Long odds winners in greyhound racing happen quite a lot. These long odds work especially well when you are trading as a stake percentage of your bank, as opposed to a percentage increase of your bank.

MBT Sports Pro Tip:

Betting on greyhounds: Never miss out on the best odds: many online bookmakers now offer “best price” or “best odds guaranteed”, this means that if the starting price is better than the odds that you placed your bet on, they will match the higher price. It is worth comparing the early prices for different bookies as value can sometimes be found there.

Forecast Betting

There’s quite a few types of forecast betting.

Dual forecast and Tricast betting

Involves selecting dogs to finish 1st and 2nd or 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the correct order respectively. As you’d expect. the odds for this are higher – since the probability of you predicting the right dogs to finish in the right order is very low! It is that much harder to predict.

Straight Forecast

Involves picking the 1st and 2nd dog, they must be in the correct order to win.


There’s usually a  minimum stake to bet for an Exacta; it’s the same bet as the straight forecast but the return varies as it’s based on the ‘ Tote’ dividend.


Similar to Exacta but you have to name the first three in the race and again in the correct order. This really is gambling in my opinion. It’s really hard to predict the first 3 in any race, and the returns for this bet are very high to reflect this.

Reverse Forecasts & Tricasts

Reverse forecasts  and reverse tricast bets let you choose the dogs in the same way as forecast and tricast betting but the dogs can finish in any order as long as they are in the first two (for a forecast) or three (tricast). The returns are lower as you have more options to win.

Acca’s or Multi Bets

If you like the chance of a low stake with a potential high return then an acca or multi bet is the system that will do this for you. Simply put, you select the greyhound or trap that you feel has the best chance of winning the race. You select a number of dogs and place them together in a single acca.

A multi bet starts with a double, which is the first two selections, adding a third dog to make a treble. Then a fourth to a four-fold, five-fold and so on. Most bookmakers allow you to go to around fourteen or fifteen selections in a preformatted online slip. But you can add as many as you want in principle.

The outcome if successful can take a simple 1 point bet and make you thousands. But as the likelihood of this happening is very small, the bookies will tempt you with long odds. I really wouldn’t recommend this as a strategy.

Remember whether you are new to sports betting or new to greyhound betting and you plan to use these strategies, start by paper trading. Paper trade first until you are confident enough to start real betting. And start with small stakes.

betting on greyhound racing

2 More Questions On Betting on Greyhounds

How do you win big on greyhounds

There are many ways you can win big on greyhounds. My article on 5 of the best greyhound betting systems can be found by following this link.

Which box wins the most in greyhounds

This is a big question! To be honest it’s probably an incomplete question really, or at least it should be asked in context. You probably should ask; what number wins most at a greyhound racetrack? Why this question?

For clarity what we mean by number we can refer to as the Trap or Box number. In the UK there are only 6 traps, numbered 1 to 6. In the US and Australia it’s typically 8 boxes, numbered 1 to 8.

Being able to identify which trap wins most often at a greyhound track is at the core of my system; The Two Trap Greyhound System. But you don’t have to invest in my book to take advantage of knowing the importance of trap, or box, draws.

Typically, the trap draw will influence how a greyhound will run in any given race. You can make a huge difference to how often you successfully win your greyhound bets. If you understand how each trap, or box, can affect a greyhound, and which greyhounds perform at their best depending on the trap number they are drawn in.

I’ll give you an overview of the 8 box set up below. This is useful for Australia and the US. If you’re betting on UK and Irish race tracks where there are 6 Traps, this analysis is still valid, just reframe the middle 4 boxes.

It’s fair to say that, in general, Trap 1 will throw up more winners than any other trap. But that’s not helping if you want to increase the probability of you picking more winners at a particular racetrack.

You can read more on this research by going here.

Summary of Greyhound Betting

Many of you will have noticed that these systems on how to bet on greyhounds are the same as for horse racing and in some cases, like acca’s, can be used in all types of sports. And if you want to learn how to place lay bets on greyhound racing you may find this article of some interest too.

If you want exclusive sports tips, systems and strategies that we only share with members then head over to

Betting on Greyhounds, Is It Worth It?

Unashamed Plug.

If you haven’t already got your copy of The Two Trap Greyhound System, click below.


What’s the #1 best greyhound trap to lay?

Interested in lay betting but not for greyhounds or you’re more looking for football lay systems.

Whether you are a professional or semi-pro sports trader, laying bets can be an effective betting on greyhounds strategy. If you’re new to betting on greyhounds, knowing what is the best greyhound trap strategy to use can be difficult. 

Keep reading if you’re interested in lay betting and when you’re done head over to my article on football lay betting on the lay the draw strategy here.

If you’re unsure if laying greyhounds is a workable strategy for you, this article will help you to understand how laying greyhounds can be a great way of betting on greyhounds. And of course I’ll be answering the question of the best greyhound trap to lay and which greyhound trap strategy wins the most.

Through my years of sports trading I have seen many successful trading systems that allow you to lay bets using betting exchanges. This article will be covering the 5 best strategies for laying greyhounds. With these strategies you don’t need to sign up for a greyhound tipster, or look for tips for greyhound betting.

I’ll share with you tips from other experts in sports trading that will help you get the most out of lay betting on greyhound races. Including a strategy that doesn’t require you to spend hours looking at a greyhound form guide.

How Does Laying Greyhounds Work?

With the introduction of sports betting exchanges, this has provided bettors with an opportunity to make back bets for winning picks or to lay bets for losing selections. When you lay a bet you are acting like an online bookmaker. Instead of backing a selection to win – you are laying it to lose

Unlike other sports, greyhound racing has a number of characteristics that are fixed. For example the number of dogs in any race is either 6 or 8 depending on the country. This only varies when there is a non runner.

In greyhound racing the betting market is often very tight, which means it’s rare for there to be a large spread of odds between the 6 (or 8) racing traps. In some races you can find as many as three favorites. If that happens I recommend you don’t place a lay bet on that race.

The Best Greyhound Laying Strategies

Here are the five best greyhound laying strategies you can start using today to make more winnings! As I always say though, I recommend always starting any new system or strategy by paper trading the system first. Once you’re confident that you understand the strategy and you’re getting a ‘paper profit’ then move on to betting. Always gamble responsibly and only bet with money you can afford to lose. Here’s strategy number:

1 – Laying 3rd Favorites

A very simple strategy for laying favorites is by laying the 3rd favorite. This has been seen to work best in countries with 8 dog race cards. 

The system is to pick the third favorites from the market about two minutes before the start of the race. This way, odds are lower, and so liability is less and likely to be more profitable.

2 – Lay the Favorites

Finding favorites is very important in making better greyhound lay bets. Both before and during live greyhound betting.

Due to the high number of races each day, this often results in low liquidity on Betting Exchanges. This means it’s not easy to identify the favorites by following the market on their platform alone. 

You should refer to odds comparison sites as well as they will show detailed information about the likely favorites in the races. There are many comparison sites ready to help you to identify favorites and help you make better betting decisions.


Let’s assume we have a 6 dog race with three of the greyhound traps having close favorites with the shortest odds table. 

Dog StationOdds
Trap 15.8 2.8
Trap 23.0
Trap 36.8 3.5
Trap 49.6 7.0
Trap 510.8 8.25
Trap 614.0 16.0

From a glance at this type of market, laying the 2nd favorite looks a good prospect. In our example, simply by prioritizing all the favorites. You can see that Trap 1, 2, and 3 respectively are the first three. 

Where the second favorite is the best greyhound trap to lay with 3.0 odds.

Should Trap 2 not win, and you wagered say 10 points, by laying the second favorite. Your bet wins. You win a potential 10 points from a 10 point stake.

With a race of 8 dogs this gives you an even better probability of winning your lay bet.

MBT Sports Pro Tips for this strategy:

  • Watch the odds at 2 minutes before the start
  • Refresh the betting exchange site page for the final 60 seconds
  • Make sure your initial research holds true; remember the pick is the greyhound trap which is 2nd in the betting market.

3 – Laying the Field

Laying the field is another laying greyhounds strategy. You need to be very expert at your research. And have a BIG betting bank and a robust staking plan.

By laying the field, you decide how much you want to risk across all the runners in the trace. Then divide this stake equally to stake on each dog in the field.


Let’s say we lay the field of a 6 dog race for 60 points. Using the lay the field system, each dog will have a stake of 10 points as the lay bet. Remember they will all have various liability amounts in the event of the selection winning.

As you can see the total risk from a straight 60 point lay bet is 135. As long as either the first or second favorite wins, you’ll be in profit, less the exchange’s small commission. If trap 2 wins you’ll be slightly down because of the commission.

BUT – any other dog winning will wipe out all the stake and could potentially wipe your whole day’s trading. That’s why you need to be experienced and confident when using this strategy. Not recommended for the newbie or semi-pro enthusiastic punter.

MBT Sports Pro Tip: to limit exposure you could choose not to select dogs with odds greater than 10.0 (or 9/1) and spread the 60 point stake across the remaining traps.

4 – Watch The Points system

Use site:, go to a Race meeting, open up the race card, refer to the columns marked Mstr and Sect. Look for the dog with the lowest points on both columns. This is the least likely dog to win and therefore the most likely dog on which to lay the bet.

A word of caution though is to keep an eye on the live betting just before the off, check the market movement before placing your trade. Also on some occasions you’ll be laying the dog that has the longest odds – whilst this reflects the least likely to win the race, it does mean the highest risk/liability to you.

If all dogs in the race appear to be evenly rated with their points, it’s best to skip a lay trade on this race. You have other options depending on the race meeting, you could use a straight betting strategy based on greyhound form, or if it’s a qualifying race track, use The Two Trap Greyhound System, which you can get a copy of here.

5 – Reverse Strategy with The Two Trap Greyhound System

If you own a copy of my book; The Two Trap Greyhound System. Or even if you don’t but have been paper trading for sometime, you’ll know favorites don’t always win.

Quite often non-favourites will win a race, and this can be with some quite long odds. I have seen races won with odds over and above 12.0. When laying that dog you could lose all your bank on your first trade. You have to cover the liability of 11 times the stake!

THE TWO TRAP GREYHOUND SYSTEM is based on historical data, research and the law of probability as well as a controlled recovery system. When followed exactly as explained in the book, you will identify which two traps have the HIGHEST probability of winning at the racetrack under review.

By simply reversing the Two Trap Greyhound System process you can identify which traps are least likely to win or what is the best greyhound trap to lay. Using the principles of the two trap greyhound system you look for the reverse results. To identify which trap is the worst performing.

This will give you the traps with the highest probability of NOT winning the race. It often won’t matter if the greyhound in the trap has been selected as a favorite.

Here’s a working example:

Let’s say the two trap greyhound system in reverse, as it were, had identified Trap 4 as the most probable trap to lose. Your analysis indicates that Trap 4 loses about 42% of all races. 42% is still a big risk right?

So what more can we do to find the best greyhound trap to lay? How about we look at the time range? So let’s say we identify that for every dog that was drawn from Trap 4, that was running before 14.00hrs, there was a very high number of losers. This is actually true for some Traps at certain racecards.

In fact, if you can identify the right Trap and time window, it’s possible to identify traps with very low winners, some detailing as low as 4% of winners.

Think of that for a minute. 4% – that means that 96% of all greyhounds selected in the above example that were running before 14.00hrs lost their race! 96% !!

A reminder again, don’t just go off and run this ‘lay’ system. Or any of the other systems for that matter. Not until you have paper traded for some time. If you don’t already have a copy of The Two Trap Greyhound System, go here and get your copy now.

Laying Greyhounds: Tips From The Pro’s

  1. Remain disciplined, set a target and stick to it. If you have set a win profit for the day of only 20 points, you could win this within the first few races. You might be tempted then to carry on trading. More often than not this is a big mistake. Stick to your target, stop for the day and start again another day. 
  2. If there are not enough price movements, avoid trading. 
  3. Do enough analysis and research before starting, practice by paper trading.  Once you are comfortable, then start with low stakes to minimize liability and slowly grow your bank.
  4. Avoid chasing losses and trade only within your affordable means.
  5. Use software only when you have a strong betting bank.
  6. Watch the odds, it is no good laying dogs with high odds, I look for odds of between 2.0 to 6.0 but sometimes up to 8.0. If a dog, you lay does win at least you have some control of what you have lost.
  7. When using the points system. You do not need to find a lay on every race. If the points are not good enough or the odds are not good then leave the race alone.
  8. Never bet or lay more than you can afford to lose.

Common Questions About Greyhound Betting

Which Trap Wins Most in Greyhound Racing?

Greyhound racing is not a game of chance. However, the outcome of a race can be affected by many variables such as the skill and training of the dogs. Or the dog’s physical condition, the track surface and conditions, and many more.

So I’m sorry to have to say but it’s not possible to predict, with certainty, which greyhound trap will win a particular race for every race track in the world. It is however possible to use the historical data at each track to determine the probability of each trap having a likelihood of winning the race.

What is the Best Way to Bet on Greyhounds?

You can bet on greyhound races in many different ways, and the best approach will depend on your goals and resources. And determining the best greyhound trap to lay will follow a few steps. Here are a few tried and tested tips that may be useful:

  1. Research the dogs and their past performances. Look at factors such as their win-loss record, how they have performed on different tracks and surface types, and how they have fared in different post positions.
  2. Consider the track conditions. The condition of the track can significantly affect a greyhound’s performance. Look at factors such as the surface type, the weather, and the condition of the starting boxes.
  3. Don’t be afraid to spread your bets around. Instead of putting all your money on a single dog, consider placing bets on multiple dogs in a single race or across several races. This can help spread out your risk and increase your chances of winning.
  4. Set a budget and stick to it. It’s important to gamble responsibly and not to bet more than you can afford to lose. Decide on a budget in advance and stick to it. Self-discipline is key to successful sports betting.
  5. Learn about the different types of bets and choose the one that best fits your goals and risk tolerance. There are many different types of bets you can place on greyhound races, such as, lay bets, win bets, place bets, forecast bets and show bets.

How Often Do Favorite Greyhounds Win?

If I had the answer to this question I would be a millionaire many times over! The truth is that no one can definitively answer this question. 

As with any type of betting or gambling, luck will always play  a role in determining the outcome of each race. However, there are some factors which may give an edge to certain greyhounds over others when it comes to winning races.

These include the dog’s pedigree, being well trained and conditioned for the race ahead of time, as well as having experienced handlers who know where to properly position the dog in the order for maximum speed and efficiency.

And of course, not forgetting form. Statistically it’s been seen as an average across all tracks that favorites win around 30% of the time. Which if you’re using a lay strategy is great news!

Does Laying The Favorite Work?

Trading greyhounds is a very profitable venture due to the turbulent price reaction Greyhound racing is a very volatile market that can possess more than three favorites from just one event.

Therefore, laying favorites in this way can be profitable, especially if the bet is on the third.

How Do You Always Win On Greyhounds?

Firstly, there is no 100% winning form when gambling, even top traders can attest to that. However, you can start using good risk management and strategy to make more wins and lesser losses. Good luck!

Can You Make Money Laying Greyhounds?

Don’t be fooled. Like any form of sports betting or trading, making regular winning bets is not easy. It takes knowledge and practice before you can turn it into a profitable venture. That’s one reason why we always recommend you paper trade a new system.

Laying greyhounds for a living is possible. But only when you trade with the right strategy and have good risk management. Because of the liquidity of betting exchanges you will no doubt need other sports betting and trading if you plan to make a living from sports betting.

Is Laying the Only Good Greyhound Betting Strategy?

There is no greyhound betting strategy that will work for everyone. You should use a strategy suited to your abilities and the amount of time you have available. Regardless of whether you are a casual bettor or a professional sports trader, strategic betting will add to your enjoyment. There are different ways to place bets that don’t rely on hours of studying form or having an in depth knowledge of all things greyhound related. Here’s how to start;

Pick a Track

Find a greyhound track that has frequent meetings (aka racecards). Some of the more popular greyhound tracks will have a day and evening card. Depending on your situation you may only be able to follow one of the two times. Pick a track where you can follow the meeting in case you intend to use a greyhound betting strategy that requires it.

Better still, if you can pick a popular track close to home, there’s a lot of fun to be had when actually going to a race meeting. Aside from the betting on the dogs, it’s a great afternoon or evening out. So much better than sitting in front of the telly.

Decide on Your Market

There’s different ways to analyse dog races. You can look at the track statistics for any predictable trends. How well local trainers do with their dogs. Greyhound pedigrees. How far the trainer/dog has traveled for a race. Although it’s rare that dogs travel unless it’s for major trophies.

Choose a Betting Strategy

There’s a few ways you can bet on greyhound races. Straight win, forecast, tricast, reverse forecasts. To name a few.

If you’re new to greyhound batting these are the three types of bets you will become most familiar with; Acca’s, Forecast and Straight.


An accumulator bet requires you to choose the winner from a series of different races. The way an accumulator works is by rolling up your winnings on to the next race automatically. You could bet on more than two races, or the entire racecard for the day’s greyhound racing. The more selections you make, the longer the odds and the more unlikely each outcome is, but the more winnings you may see if your selections are successful.


If you’re familiar with horse racing then forecast bets are not going to be new to you:

  • Forecast – predict the winner and second place dogs in the right order.
  • Tricast – predict first, second and third placed dogs in the right order.
  • Reverse – Similar to Forecast and Tricast, but the selections can get placed in any order for a win.


This is the most popular type of bet, also known as a moneyline bet in the US. This is where you bet on the greyhound to win, or be placed each way, 1st or 2nd. As there are only between 6 to 8 greyhounds in a race, each way odds are very short – unless your dog happens to win.

Answer to What’s the Best Greyhound Trap to Lay?

When it comes to laying a trap, it’s really more a question of which dog is least likely to win the race. Now whilst my ebook; The Two Trap Greyhound System, identifies which traps are the most likely to result in a win. The opposite would be true when you’re looking to lay a dog.

A Simple Race Form Guide Hack

You can help improve your lay selections by using this simple form hack.

On some race form cards you will find a letter in brackets after the dog’s name. The letter R indicates that the dog runs best on the inside rail. The letter M indicates that the dog runs well on the center of the track. And a W means that the dog prefers the outer track.

In some form guides you’ll see comments from the tracks’ Racing Manager. These comments include how the dog performed in previous races. These comments can help you make informed decisions about future races.

Many of you reading this will already have past experience of how sporting events can play out. I have seen many races and matches not go the way the odds suggested. And it’s never been through my poor research or analysis.

Where animals and humans are involved, there’s always an unknown element. Even with the best trading models on earth, you can’t avoid occasional human or animal mistakes. For example, a defender doesn’t mean to foul a player in the penalty area, giving away a penalty.

Similarly a dog running faster than the dog in front can’t always avoid not tripping or stumbling. When this happens it can end your winning position. On another day there’d be no penalty awarded or the dog would have had a clear run.

To illustrate this, if there’s a clear favorite in a race of 6 dogs and its form letter is R, but its trap number is 4. Have a look at the dog in Traps 1 and 2, if they are short odds too and have the form of R, they have a really good chance of winning the race.

Using race form and having an idea on where a dog likes to run can give you an edge on how the greyhound is likely to perform. Another way, or even to compliment this analysis, is to reverse engineer my book: The Two Trap Greyhound System research.

If this article hasn’t inspired you to look into Greyhound Racing as another opportunity for betting. Or you want to discover more lay betting strategies, but in football. Head over to our article on how to lay a 0-0 draw. Just click here.

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