Sports Greyhound Betting: Is Sports Trading the Same as Betting?

Is Sports Trading the Same as Betting?

There’s a misconception going on that sports trading is the same as betting. Perhaps because the premise is the same – put down some money and expect to win. But that’s about the only similarity.

Fact is, sports trading is fundamentally different from just betting because of one thing – strategy. In betting, it’s just putting money on whichever greyhound you feel is doing well and hope, and that’s it. No technique is involved there; it all depends on chance. But in sports trading, it depends a lot more on strategy.

Because betting depends solely on chance, the win rate would also be low. Probability isn’t very friendly to gamblers, and no one can do anything about it. That’s really how the maths are. Eventually, you’d realise that you’ve lost more money than you’ve gained. If your aim was to make more money than your bets, this is clearly a losing game.

With sports trading, chance still plays a role, but it isn’t the only player. Sports trading also involves knowing the game: the greyhounds, their stats, win/loss ratios, age, and many other things. Tell you what, even the weather can have a significant effect. Sports trading takes all these factors into account to guarantee more wins.

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So, if your goal is to make more money, sports trading is certainly the way to go. Only sound strategies will allow you to win more in the greyhound races. With that kind of a system in place, you’ll have to worry less about taking losses, because you won’t even lose as often.

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Difference of Sports Trading and Betting

Do you think that sports trading is the same thing as betting? They may be the same in principle, but there’s one big difference separating them from each other. Here’s how it goes.

In typical betting, the win percentage tends to be so low that over time, you often lose more money than you win. As you bet more and more, trying your hardest to win, you lose more and more money in return. But having put so much money on your bets, you struggle to stop. You want to get back what you lost so badly that you just keep on going. In turn, you keep on losing more money.


That’s what’s known in psychology as the Sunk Cost Fallacy. Instead of quitting, which is the rational choice in light of your recent losses, you just keep on going because you have “invested” so much money already. It fools you into thinking a win is near just because you’ve lost so much. The thing is, that’s not how probability works. The worst part is that your wallet suffers.

But with sports trading, that would is less of a problem. Sports trading employs analysis of statistics and probability to ensure consistent wins. Factors like greyhound age, their trainers, win/loss ratios, previous game performance, and many others are carefully considered. With these in mind, you can make a more informed decision in each greyhound race. Thanks to these techniques, you would no longer need to chase losses each time on the tracks.

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Why Specialisation is a Good Idea in Greyhound Racing Systems

In the UK (and other parts of the world), there are so many greyhound racing systems and betting tracks to choose from. Because of this, it may be tempting to check out all of them and punt on as many races as you can. However, this is not a good idea.

Punting on too many greyhound races can spread your resources too thin.

You only have so much cash to use for betting. And each race track has its own set of conditions, as well as its own set of winning strategies. Different tracks, different techniques. If you just keep “trying” every track, chances are you’ll run out of money in a hurry.

Instead, consider specialising on one track or two.

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Focus on those tracks. Watch the races there more often. Study the greyhounds, their form, who wins and loses, etc. The conditions of the track are also worth considering. Because depending on the weather, some greyhounds may have a hard time running, while others may have an advantage. Know the ins and outs. The goal is for you to be better than most other punters in your favoured tracks.

Of course, you must focus your bets on those tracks and those alone. Once you know the statistics, the ins and outs, and have formed a solid strategy, your chances of winning become a lot higher.

It’s just like doing a business. You have to first find your niche – a specific market you want to focus your efforts on. The more time you spend doing business in that niche, the more you’ll know what the market needs, what people want, what they’re looking for, and what you can do to meet those needs.

Same goes with greyhound racing systems. Once you find your “niche tracks”, do as much as you can to learn about them. Eventually, you’ll know what to do with very minimal thinking.

Finding your favoured greyhound racing track, of course, will take time. But if you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll succeed. You will be able to earn money in the races, just like you wanted to.

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But if you’re not willing to put in the work, don’t worry. There’s still something you can do. The Two Trap Greyhound System can help you with all of these nitty-gritty stuff of greyhound racing systems. All those statistics, form guides, career histories, and more are already done for you. You no longer have to exert that much effort; yet you can still win consistently in the greyhound races! Order yours today.

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Essential Skills for Successful Bets on Greyhound Racing

As with any form of gambling, placing bets on greyhound racing is most of the time driven by chance. It’s very hard to tell with absolute certainty which dog will win a race. Gambling without doing your homework rarely gets good returns.

bets in greyhound racing

But, as with any sport, greyhound racing has some elements that are predictable. There are certain things you can watch out for, which influence the outcome of a race. Having a keen eye for these things can be great skills to have when betting. Knowing the ins and outs of greyhound racing allows you to rake in more cash on your bets.

So then, here are three skills that are must-haves for successful betting on the races.

  • Knowing Track Conditions Beforehand

Naturally, the track itself can influence how greyhounds perform on it. Wet conditions can especially change the outcome of races, favoring certain dogs over others. Winter also changes the track drastically.

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Knowing how these conditions influence the greyhounds is a great skill to have. With this, you would instantly know which dog to favor and which to avoid, given only the weather at the time of the race.

  • Racereading

In other words, this means visualising how a race will be run, even before it begins. This requires several hours of watching previous races and taking notes. You’ll have to consider many factors here, like the dogs’ stamina, their running style, performance early in the race, performance late in the race, and many others.

Racereading requires patience and practise. But if you have this skill, it will be much easier for you to make bets, and you’ll win more bets through it.

  • Understanding the Trainers

In greyhound racing, it isn’t just about the dogs. The trainers play a part as well; without them, the dogs will not be able to run the way they do in the races. Some trainers do it right, excelling with young pups and keeping them in tip-top shape. Others, however, don’t do a very good job – they just direct the dogs from kennel to track and back. There isn’t much focus on the performance.

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So if a trainer has dogs who consistently win, that’s a good sign. He’s a good trainer, and dogs under him are probably worth betting on. Otherwise, if the trainers’ dogs lose a lot, you may want to stay away from any dog associated with that trainer.

Surely, you can build up these skills over time. Or, you could take a shortcut, through the Two Trap Greyhound System. With this, you don’t even need any experience to succeed in betting. The system does the heavy lifting for you.

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Stats to Watch Out For When Betting on Greyhound Racing

Betting on greyhound racing is a game of chance. Probability is the main factor at play here, and because of that, there is no certainty of which dog would win. Betting at random may be fun at first, but if you want to make money in greyhound racing, this method will not take you very far.

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Since betting on greyhound racing is a kind of sport, there is also a technical aspect to it. Not all of it is driven by chance. There are numbers and statistics. There is what you call the greyhound racing systems mathematics. There are patterns that emerge, as well as correlations. Studying the data and analysing them well are essential in winning more bets.

Here are a five such statistics you must consider for when betting on greyhound racing. Or simply 5 stats to watch out for when betting on dog racing. 

Career History

The more important thing to consider in a dog’s career history is less of the number of times he won, and more of the recent set of races he’s been on. Sure, a greyhound may have won, say, 30 races already; but the last race may be months ago. If that’s the case, then it isn’t a good sign. That could mean the dog had an injury or wasn’t in proper shape. Usually, dogs that have not participated in a race in the last month are not good candidates for winners.

Trainer Stats

Of course, no greyhound would perform well in the races without his trainer. Therefore, something also worth watching out for in greyhound racing is how many winning dogs a trainer has produced. Dogs under trainers with many wins stand a good chance of winning themselves.

Track Conditions

Greyhound racing is often done in open tracks. So, the weather can affect the tracks. In any race, determine if the race track will be dry or wet. Some greyhounds run faster on dry tracks, while others do better on wet tracks. The condition of the track may be totally unrelated to the greyhounds themselves, but don’t let that make you neglect this factor. It’s still worth considering, because it affects the dogs’ performance.

Starting Box

Strange as it may sound, the starting box in which a greyhound is in at the start plays a part as well. Different dogs have different running styles, so their placement on the inner, middle, or outer starting boxes influences their chances of winning.

Greyhound Age

The closer greyhounds are to retirement age – anywhere from four to six years old – the less agile they will be. So keep in mind the dog’s age when betting. Those in peak performance are often the younger dogs.

This is not an exhaustive list, though. There are a lot more factors you can add in to your analysis for better results. But, you may not have the time or the patience to study all of these statistics. Which is why the Two Trap Greyhound System is here for you. With it, you’ll have a pre-made system that has all things considered. All you have to do is follow the system, and you’ll be on your way to consistent wins in greyhound racing.


How To Not Lose Money on Greyhound Races?

How To Not Lose Money on Greyhound Races?

Betting on greyhound racing without any strategy is bound to make you lose money. Of course, this is bad news for anyone, especially if your goal is to make money on greyhound races. So is there a way to not lose money?

While there is no absolutely foolproof method, there are some things you should be on the lookout for. When you know what to avoid, you’ll not make those bad snap decisions. In turn, you won’t lose a lot of cash.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to not lose money in the greyhound races.

But if you haven’t got the time or patience for that, there is a better way. The Two Trap Greyhound System will save you all of the trouble, because we’ve done it for you. Statistics, winning strategies, and most everything you need to consistently win your bets.

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