betting on greyhound racing

Betting on Greyhound Racing is a Winnable Game

Betting on Greyhound Racing is a Winnable Game If you know these techniques.

Greyhound Racing can be a bit daunting for some people. So many strategies to master, so many statistics to know, and all that.

betting on greyhound racing

While it can be intimidating, it isn’t impossible to learn the winning strategies. In my previous articles about greyhound betting stats to watch out for, I’ve given you a few of them.

In case you missed them, here are three very important techniques to remember when betting on greyhound racing.

1. Consider the Trainer

Don’t just look at the greyhound. The trainer contributes as much to the success of any dog in the races. Read this to find out why.

2. Avoid Betting on Too Many Racetracks

Since there are dozens of greyhound racing tracks in the UK alone, it may be tempting to bet on as many as you can. Read this one to find out why that’s such a bad idea.

3. Age isn’t Everything

Common sense may tell you to bet on older, much more experienced greyhounds. But that isn’t always the best thing to do. Read this one to find out why.

There’s more.

A lot more. But then who has the time to learn all of these strategies and statistics?

That’s why the Two Trap Greyhound System has done all the research for you. You can stop gambling and start trading.

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Stake Trading Calculator

Applying The Two Trap Greyhound System To Other Sports | Stake Trading Calculator

Haven’t heard of the Stake Trading Calculator by the Two Trap Greyhound System?

One of the underlying principles of The Two Trap Greyhound System is to use historical data and probability in helping to identify the race courses and traps where The Two Trap Greyhound System is most likely to be successful.

Stake Trading Calculator

Using the bookmaker’s own odds, it’s also possible to determine the probability of a certain event occurring in other sports, such as soccer.


Bookmakers odds are based on statistics and data, together with a slight margin in favour of the bookmaker. As you know, if you trade often enough, there’s a reason some teams or events have such short odds favourites – it’s because the data suggests the probability of success is high – hence the odds offered are low, in many cases below evens (or 2.0 in decimal odds).


But where there is a level of instability is the side markets for an event, take soccer as an example. The side market of BTTS (both teams to score) for example where yes is below 2.0 suggests the data indicates a high probability of a result. Using that data you can trade on another side market of over/under goals scored.


If BTTS YES is below 2.0 and Over 1.5 goals are around 1.5 or lower, then a good trade would be to go over 1.5 goals. Why over 1.5 and not BTTS? Because BTTS requires both teams to score, whereas over 1.5 only needs either or both teams to score 2 or more goals, you win whether it’s 1-1 or 2-0 or more, the returns may be lower, but the likelihood of consistent profits is much better.


When you are looking at your sports trading and looking at ways to widen your strategies, give consideration to these side markets and how the data from one can add value to another.

If you want to access the Stake Trading Calculator we use in greyhound trading, click here to know more.

Thanks for reading see you later.


Okay, without further delay, here’s the list of Trading In-Play markets

Trading In-Play markets that can be profitable

Trading In-Play markets that can be profitable

Welcome back, last time I shared with you the concept of in-play trading and the types of markets to avoid (the speculative, chance markets; e.g. next corner, next yellow card etc).

As promised, here’s a list of in-play markets you can consider where there’s definitely the probability of winning trades.

Okay, without further delay, here’s the list of Trading In-Play markets

I will say though, that you must be able to follow the game in real time, preferably on TV or a live webcast, so that you can get an indication of how the teams or players are performing on the day. You’ll recall from previous newsletters that favourites don’t always win and the many reasons why that is.

Okay, without further delay, here’s the list of Trading In-Play markets that can be profitable

Laying the draw; Look for games that are level in the second half and then look to lay the draw with the game in-play. Using this strategy you would lower the potential risk level as the draw odds are lower and take a higher profit if a goal is scored.

Lay the correct score; here we are looking to bet that there will be at least one more goal in the game. Trading in-play in this market will often allow you to find good opportunities at better than (ie lower, when laying) pre-match odds.

The more selective, or niche, markets can provide great value as they are often overlooked. The corner markets are a favourite for quite a few profitable tipsters that I have seen.

Then there are the over/under goals markets, the first half goal markets, total goals, next goal, Asian handicap markets.

With these markets it’s important to be able to assess the game in-play by TV or radio broadcast, so that you get an idea of how the game is going; does the referee allow play to flow, is one team more superior in it’s play than the other, is there momentum for one side over the other, does any player in a crucial position (forward or goalkeeper for example) look confident or nervous?

trading in-play markets

All these factors can help to identify whether or not these niche markets have a valuable opportunity to trade in-play.


I hope this has proven useful for you, until next time, happy trading.

greyhound betting system

Manage Your Trading Bank | Greyhound Betting System

Manage Your Trading Bank | Greyhound Betting System

If you’re reasonably new to sports trading, as opposed to regular betting, you will have noticed a need to be able to trade to a profit, that is to say recover a lost stake on the next race that you intend to trade.

When you are first starting out, or you intend to make small profits on a regular basis you need to be on top of your trading (betting) bank balance that you have in your betting exchange account.

trading bank

As you know, there’s no 100% system out their that guarantees winners in every event be it any sport, every time you bet or trade. But The Two Trap Greyhound System, when followed strictly to the system and remaining disciplined, will show consistent profits. If you’re not sure just paper trade.

So, what am I getting to? I want to share with you how I began my The Two Trap Greyhound System staking strategy and how included a stop loss, which I moved as I made more profits.

I started with 100, I’ll call them points to make it easy across the countries in which our members are trading. I started with 100 pts, the minimum exchange stake per selection is 2 pts, so I always started the meeting with a 4 pts stake minimum, most often this would be 5 pts.

greyhound betting system

What you have to bear in mind is that the lower your exchange bank the lower your stop loss should be (the amount you are preferred to ‘lose’ in order to continue trading in the future). In my stop loss strategy I use two stop points;

Number of races with a loss
50% of my exchange balance

Whichever I hit first is my stopping point. When I first started I was at 3 races, that’s not to say I need to use it too often. Today I still use a stop loss, actually in every sport I trade, AND you should too.

Have a great week!

dog racing system

How to Sports Trade On Events in Other Countries | Dog Racing System

How to Sports Trade On Events in Other Countries | Dog Racing System

Many online bookmakers and exchanges will offer overseas betting / trading on major markets and major international sporting events. Major markets like football, tennis, baseball, boxing will almost always be available across different countries.

But how about dog racing system?

dog racing system

Two dogs racing at a race track.

However, as several of you have realised, The Two Trap Greyhound System is not always globally available, that’s to say if you’re in the US you can’t easily locate an online bookmaker or exchange that offers prices on greyhound meetings or dog racing outside the US (e.g like UK, Australia or Ireland).


So what’s to be done?


If you’re in the US there’s a site: that will help you research which online bookmakers will offer overseas greyhound cards prices. You may have to do a lot of manual searching to find bookmakers that cover what you need.


In Australia, you can trade in Australia and UK and Ireland, the UK can also place trades on Australian greyhound meetings.


Betfair is looking to open up its range of sporting events over time and no doubt, once the US gambling laws are opened up to wider competition more online bookmakers, will be offering overseas markets as well as the dog racing system.

dog racing system

It is possible to open overseas online accounts, but in doing so you are probably flaunting the law and almost certainly breaching the terms and conditions of the online exchange or bookmaker, so I wouldn’t suggest you do that – even if you wanted to use a VPN to hide your location.


In the meantime, do research in your own country and see what your options are. Let me know if you found one too and we can discuss. :)


Happy trading everyone!


Until next time, see you soon.

trading in-play

Trading In-play Getting The Edge | Sports Betting System

Trading In-play Getting The Edge | Sports Betting System

Back in the day, it used to be that you’d place a wager on a game or an event before the start and wait until after the result to collect (or not) your winnings.

The progression of online bookmakers and exchanges has changed all that! Now, not only can you trade the old way, wager and leave, you can now trade in-play or trading in-play.

This is a massive game changer for sports traders and it provides the sophisticated, knowledgeable, professional trader with an edge over the bookmakers and exchanges that offer in-play trading.

In-play betting or trading in-play or trading it involves placing wagers on sports events while they’re actually taking place. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

It’s fundamentally the same as traditional sports betting in every other way. You have a range of wagers and betting markets to choose from, and you have to pick your selections based on what you think will happen.

trading in-play

You take fixed odds at the time of placing a wager. If your selection is correct, you get paid out. If it isn’t, you lose your stake.

But, there are two subtle differences with live betting that now gives you an edge as sports trader; firstly, there are additional types of markets on offer and secondly, during in-play the odds are constantly changing.

So, where’s the edge for sports traders then? Let’s take soccer (football) as an example, in-play has additional markets, such as next team (or player) to score, next corner, next yellow card, there’s an abundance of extra markets in-play.

football betting

Now clearly some (indeed, a LOT) are so speculative they are designed specifically to help relieve you of your money, I mean who knows which team will win the next corner or throw-in?

No, those markets are pure gambling, complete chance – so my recommendation is to stay away from them.

Okay, so if you shouldn’t trade on next corner, or throw-in, which markets should you trade in? I think you know what I’m going to say next?


Watch for my next newsletter, when I’ll give you a list of in-play markets that you can consider if you want to trade in-play.

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multiple betting

Try Greyhound Trading for Some Extra Income

Almost everyone these days is looking for some extra money. Times are tough, and the economy isn’t exactly at its peak. Building wealth isn’t easy, but even then lots of people aspire for it.

There certainly are a number of ways to earn something extra. There’s the stock market, mutual funds, real estate, insurance, and putting up your own business. But these things can cost a lot of money at first. Real estate, for example, requires initial investments of £100,000 or more. Not everyone has that much resources to spend, much less risk. How about stock investing? It doesn’t require as much at first, but having significant returns takes several years.

Is there a cheaper, faster alternative?

There actually is. Consider greyhound racing. “Wait, what? I have no idea how that works,” you might be thinking. Truly, greyhound racing is a niche topic. Not everyone understands it, let alone is interested in it. But consider these things about it.

betting system

  1. You get regular returns. Greyhound races are done regularly, so you can collect your wins often. If you do trades in every race, you have a lot of potential returns on your investment.
  2. There are dog racing systems to help you out with the fine details. Greyhound trading is a technical exercise, so there are lots of factors to consider. If you’d rather not study these small details, there are systems like the Two Trap Greyhound System to take care of these for you. With these, you can make more winning bets in every race.
  3. The initial investment is not high. For starters, betting banks can go for just £100 or less. You can use this for several races already.

Convinced? Now, do you want to try it out for yourself?

greyhound tips

Take advantage of this revolutionary dog racing system right now. Click here to order your copy of the Two Trap Greyhound System for only $9.97. Stop gambling and start trading for consistent wins today!

Two Trap Greyhound System Online Calculator

Senior Citizens Can Take Advantage of a Good Dog Racing System

Greyhound trading is not limited by age. Whether young, middle-aged, or elderly, it’s a viable way to make some extra cash online. Anyone who is willing to learn how a dog racing system works can surely take advantage of it. And thanks to modern technology, greyhound trading can be done anytime and anywhere.

Even the elderly are now getting more and more familiar with the internet and how to interact with it. Despite the fact that what they can do is limited by their age, they can still participate in greyhound trading. Modern technology helps them in these ways.

They can do greyhound trading right at home

dog racing system

For most senior citizens, going out of the house is already a chore. It’s something they would rather not do. Sitting back and relaxing on a comfy couch is a lot better than having to walk or drive somewhere.

Since the modern dog racing system can be accessed online, it won’t be a problem for seniors. They can access it from home using any device they’re used to – may it be a tablet, phone, or PC.

They can trade at any time

dog racing system

Being flexible with time is another advantage of an online dog racing system. Since seniors would prefer not to be restricted by tight schedules, it’s very appropriate for them. They don’t have to wait for the actual game to be ongoing to make trades.

Not too much research is needed

dog racing system

The Two Trap Greyhound System, for example, is very straightforward to use. No need for seniors to pore over mountains of data and statistics; the system does it for them.

Yes, some seniors may love to read, but going over data may be quite boring for them. More so for other seniors whose eyesight is no longer optimum. The Two Trap Greyhound System is thus a big help for such people.


Stop gambling and start trading today! Click here to order your copy of the Two Trap Greyhound System for only $9.97.

greyhound betting system

Asian handicap stops the draw

Some of you will immediately know what I did there, some of you won’t. I’ve said before in football, there are always three outcomes of a match; win, lose or draw. But – what if there was a way to remove the draw, wouldn’t that then let The Two Trap Greyhound System work it’s magic in football? Well, kind of yes. How I hear you scream!

asian handicap

It’s called the Asian handicap, as it was derived in Asia. Essentially a bookmaker gives a ½ a goal or 1 ½ goals to the perceived ‘weaker’ team, thereby eliminating the likelihood of a draw since half goals can’t be scored. Here’s an example;


Team A vs Team B


Home (A) odds win = 2.00

Away (B) odds away = 1.85 with an Asian Handicap of 0 : ½


0 : ½ means Home team zero, away team has a = ½ a goal, if the game ends in a draw or the away team wins, then team B (in this case the away team) wins at odds of 1.85


However, if you chose the home team and they won by less than a goal, there are various calculations that have to be done to determine what you’re winning return would be. It’s far too complex for such a short article, so I would suggest you check out the members area with the updated sections on sports trading in The Two Trap Greyhound System.

greyhound betting system

Sports trading can and is a fascinating subject to look in to and research, there are many opportunities to profit, and many many more ways to lose. The basis of any sports trading is; never gamble, never trade with money you can’t afford to lose, have a tested system, be disciplined and stick to it, when you win stop! And if the fun stops then STOP!