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European Soccer Season Strategies 2018

With the new European football (soccer) season now in full swing, I thought it an opportune time to send a few articles on this subject, giving greyhounds a rest for a while, after all to be successful in anything, even in online sports trading, you have to diversify in to other sports.

I am developing new data and research analysis to widen the sports trading systems that The Two Trap Greyhound System has to offer, so over the coming weeks you will see some quite significant changes both to the regular articles and to the members area of The Two Trap Greyhound System.

So, I’ve mentioned before that in soccer (football) there are many more markets that you can trade on, such as both teams to score, over/under goals, correct score etc.

There are even some, what you might term, exotic markets, such as first yellow card, next throw-in, number of corners.

Let me say from the off I would never go anywhere near these more exotic markets, these are pure speculation and have no way of being able to be analysed to the point you can conclude there’s a probability of an event occurring or not.

So stick with the mainstream markets and the some of the side markets that have some basis in data and historical analysis, more on that in a future article.

If you’re wondering what football teams or markets to trade on, there are numerous factors to consider when looking at the possible winning strategies.

When selecting your market, always look for ‘an edge’, that’s to say where the outcome is restricted to maybe two or three (or 6 as in The Two Trap Greyhound System) possibilities; even a straight W/L/D on a match has just 3 outcomes, with some due diligence it’s possible to find those matches where the probability of a favourable result can be found.

Over the coming weeks I’ll share with you some strategies and markets where I have seen value and a high probability of success.

Until next time, see you soon.

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Amazing Myths On Greyhound Trading

An Extra Moneymaker for Casino Players

Many punters go to casinos for one thing – to make some money. They play the many different games, from slot machines to poker, in the hopes of taking home a big win. For some, they do make some money, but for many, they don’t. A lot of people even lose money to casinos. As the saying goes, the house always wins.

How about an alternative?

If you’re a regular in the casino, have you considered other options? The money you’ve spent on casino games could already amount to a lot. You could even be losing more money than you’re winning; you just are not aware of it. All the more reason to look for something else.

Consider greyhound trading.

“But I don’t know anything about racing,” you might say. You might even fear losing more money, diving into something you have no idea about.

That’s fine. It’s normal to feel that way at the beginning. However, it is possible to learn it, even just the basics. Leave the nitty-gritty to reliable greyhound betting systems, which will guide you in making the most profitable picks.

dog racing system

Greyhound dog racing at dog race court

This time, you don’t have to leave everything to chance.

Yes, probability still is a big driver of greyhound trading. But it’s not the only thing. Trusted dog racing systems like the Two Trap Greyhound System take into account different factors to help you make winning trades. These include past race performance, dog age, trainer, track conditions, form, and many others.

The great thing is you don’t have to bother studying these factors yourself. The system has done most of it for you. All you need to do is make the winning trade.

dog racing system

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How to Sports Trade on Events in other countries?

How to Sports Trade on Events in other countries?

Many online bookmakers and exchanges will offer overseas betting / trading on major markets and major international sporting events. Major markets like football, tennis, baseball, boxing will almost always be available across different countries.


However, as several of you have realised, The Two Trap Greyhound System is not always globally available, that’s to say if you’re in the US you can’t easily locate an online bookmaker or exchange that offers prices on greyhound meetings outside the US (e.g like UK, Australia or Ireland).


So whats to be done?

how to sports trade

If you’re in the US there’s a site: that will help you research which online bookmakers will offer overseas greyhound cards prices. You may have to do a lot of manual searching to find bookmakers that cover what you need.


In Australia, you can trade in Australia and UK and Ireland, the UK can also place trades on Australian greyhound meetings.


Betfair is looking to open up it’s range of sporting events over time and no doubt once the US gambling laws are opened up to wider competition more online bookmakers will be offering overseas markets.

greyhound betting system

Greyhound dog racing at dog race court

It is possible to open overseas online accounts, but in doing so you are probably flaunting the law and almost certainly breaching the terms and conditions of the online exchange or bookmaker, so I wouldn’t suggest you do that – even if you wanted to use a VPN to hide your location.


In the meantime, do research in your own country and see what your options are. Happy trading everyone!


Until next time, see you soon.

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How People With Disabilities Can Benefit from Greyhound Trading

Car accidents. Occupational hazards. Sport injuries. These and others can contribute to a very miserable life due to disablement. More so if it leads to conditions like paraplegia – being paralysed from the waist down. Being unable to walk deals a heavy blow emotionally to most people who suffer from it.

But we live in the 21st century, and as such, there is good news.

Disability is no longer something that can stop people from doing something.

Thanks to computers and the internet, practically anyone has the potential to do things online. As long as they are still able to type on a keyboard or tap on a screen, it’s still very possible. A fully digitised hobby or activity does not require walking anyway.

What’s more, it gives people with disabilities more hope for life. Knowing they can still do something for themselves is the biggest motivation they can get.

dog racing system

Even people with these conditions can cash in with a solid greyhound betting system.

The best part is they can also earn money from a hobby. Watching the greyhound races in itself is fun, but how about winning something from it? That’s even better. And greyhound betting systems would be of great benefit to people with disabilities. The systems can help them make winning bets more easily.

greyhound betting system

These systems do not discriminate between those with fully able bodies and those with disability.

Proven dog racing systems know no boundaries. All kinds of people can use them, and all kinds of people can reap the rewards.

If you happen to be someone with a disability, or you want to help someone who does, the Two Trap Greyhound System is something you can certainly use. This greyhound trading system will help you make consistent profits each and every race. It’s even better than simple betting!

dog racing system


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football betting

Football Strategies in Two Trap Greyhound System?

Those of you following along for a while will have seen me dropping little hints from time to time of some changes in the offing with The Two Trap Greyhound System.

The (very) smart ones of you, those who hang on my every word ( lol ) will be aware that changes are afoot.

football betting

Also, if you’ve looked at the video faq’s and read or listened to the answers, you will have noticed a few references to both the member’s area and also to The Two Trap Greyhound System calculator.

You’ll also no doubt have heard references to the Research Done For You alerts service.

We like to think of ourselves as an ever-evolving service provider, some of you will have already experienced changes that we’ve made, following input and feedback from the TTGS family members.

Over the past year, we have been researching several potential strategies and systems that use the basic methodology of The Two Trap Greyhound System and we have used that to review and research and test a number of different sports; hence where the reference to balls comes into the subject line.


What is it I hear you holla! Well in true suspense, you’ll have to tune in later for the next update.


But before you go, what I will say is that these new systems aren’t your straightforward mainstream win/lose sports trading, oh no.

We do have a number of tennis and football (soccer) strategies still under pilot, but the results are looking very promising.

As we begin to publish these systems, we’ll be letting you know in good time and where you can gain access to these.

So watch out for future updates on how The Two Trap Greyhound System is growing and expanding into other sporting markets.

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Have a great week!

two trap greyhound system calculator

You don’t need The Two Trap Greyhound System calculator Or do you?

You don’t need The Two Trap Greyhound System calculator Or do you?

Well no, you don’t, at least not in terms of the calculations for trading.

The difficulty is being able to use your own version or some online calculator that’s as quick at giving you what you need to place the next trade.

two trap greyhound system calculator

If you’ve read the book and followed the training and paper traded with the calculator, you’ll know that you need to put the numbers in and the odds in so that you can keep track of the stake and your online bank.

If you have to flip from website calculator to another and re-enter the numbers, I’m not sure you’ll get this all done in time to trade effectively in-play.

Get your copy of the Two Trap Greyhound System with Access to our online calculator. If you haven’t yet so you’ll know what I’m saying. :)

So, yes – you do need the calculator, it’s all in one place and will keep track of your trading.


Short and sweet today!


But while I’m here, no doubt by now you all know I have multiple streams of income (MSI) so if you are looking for other income streams to help grow your independent wealth, why not take a look at my articles on and while you’re there give me your email in exchange for a free book.


See ‘ya later!

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How To Do The Research For Trap Selections In Greyhound Betting?

How To Do The Research For Trap Selections In Greyhound Betting?

Hello people, I’m worried.


Recently, some of our new family members have been emailing me with their questions and in their emails, they call out the results of their research.


Now, I’ve been doing this a long time, I also do the research every week to make sure the system is working at its optimum return.

Trap Selections
A recent email from a member indicated that he had concluded that Traps 3 and 6 at a particular racetrack were ideal for the system.

I was certain that the racetrack did not meet the minimum criteria for The Two Trap Greyhound System to work successfully.

So I checked, sure enough, he was wrong. There were three traps all with the exact outcomes, it didn’t matter which way you filtered it, there were still three traps that qualified.


He was fortunate, if he did follow his selections, he would have won the first race at odds of 3.5.

greyhound betting system

Greyhound dog racing at dog race court

My team always respond back to those clients where they have gone wrong. Now, short of a personal 1 on 1 coaching session, the next best thing is the online training modules.


If you decide not to invest in the videos or in the research done for you weekly alerts, that’s entirely your choice, but you absolutely must do the research right and paper trade until you are comfortable with the complete system, then you can trade.


One problem some people experience is that they get carried away with trying to find the track and traps which work with The Two Trap Greyhound System that they subconsciously (I hope) find a racetrack that it’s their version of The Two Trap Greyhound System.

Let me tell you – there’s only one The Two Trap Greyhound System any deviation will cost you.

Get your copy here now.

So please, I implore you, do the research right, don’t cut corners. This is a type of confirmation bias, where the information is taken and made to fit the beliefs or biases.


Until next time, see you soon.


3 Great Reasons to Pick Up Greyhound Trading as a Hobby

People love hobbies for different reasons. Some use hobbies to get away from the stress of their jobs. Others take up hobbies just because of great passion for an activity. There is one thing in common, though – people take up hobbies mostly to have fun.

Enjoying your hobby is a good thing, but what if you can also make money out of it? Not only are you having fun, but you’re also earning something extra for yourself?

Consider greyhound racing.

But hey, you might be thinking, “Greyhound racing? I haven’t the slightest idea how that works.” Isn’t it the same thing with other hobbies, though? When it’s your first time playing, say, tennis, did you not have to learn the proper techniques in swinging the racket first?

It’s all right if you have no idea how greyhound racing works. You can always learn it, just as anything else. What’s better is you have an additional motivation for this one – earning extra income.

greyhound betting system

Choose a reputable dog racing system…

To make things even easier, get your hands on a good greyhound betting system. It will help you make good decisions in betting, so you can maximise your profits. These systems consider race history, individual greyhound stats, and statistics and probability. What this means is less effort on your part to study the nitty-gritty details.

… such as the Two Trap Greyhound System.

Betting is a game of chance, so there’s always that fear of losing your money. However, with the Two Trap Greyhound System, it’s more than just the usual betting. This is a greyhound trading system that can help you get consistent profits in every race. How’s that for a hobby that pays for itself?

dog racing system

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greyhound betting system

What makes a good Trade? | Greyhound Betting Systems That Win

What makes a good Trade? | Greyhound Betting Systems That Win


If I had a $1 (or a £1) for every time I’ve been asked that question….


As far as The Two Trap Greyhound System goes a good trade is when you’ve done all your due diligence in terms of the research, you’ve checked the race meetings for the day, found the cards where The Two Trap Greyhound System has the highest probability of success!

greyhound betting systems that win

You lump on (as the old English saying goes) in line with your strategy… sit back for the results of race 1 and…..






Race 1 wins! You do the golden rule of following The Two Trap Greyhound System and stop at a win! Great, brilliant, you now have the rest of the day to do what you want.


Now – that’s a good Trade!

greyhound betting system

Two dogs racing at a race track.

There’s an even “gooder” (is that even a word?) trade.

You already get the research done for you email alert at the start of the week, in plenty of time for Monday’s meetings.


You look for the ‘Top’ selection, then follow as above!


Now we all know that no system is 100% perfect! No I am NOT guaranteeing you win every race, but if you already follow The Two Trap Greyhound System you know how to trade to the win.


But this damn close!


The Two Trap Greyhound System is evolving (as all good systems do) and we’ll be making some enhancements to the guide to improve our greyhound betting systems that win, the calculator and the member area in the coming weeks.


If you haven’t already ‘got in’ then you are missing a big opportunity! Believe me I know what’s coming!


dog racing system

Is Stock Trading Better Than a Greyhound Betting System?

Stock trading is one good way to make extra money. Even before the internet was commonplace, stock trading has existed and people have been profiting from it. Stock traders earn through changes in the prices of company shares.

Price movement

A common rule of thumb in stock trading is “buy low, sell high”. Traders buy shares that are cheap in the hopes of selling them for a profit when the price goes up. For example, you bought 100 Company A shares at £1 apiece, meaning you invested £100. Let’s suppose that after a month, the share price goes up to £5. So your initial investment of £100 is now £500 in value. You can then sell all your Company A shares for a £400 profit.

What drives this price movement? Mainly, it’s company performance. If Company A grows, its share price goes up. On the other hand, if the company does not perform very well, the share price drops.

Investor sentiment also plays a big role in influencing the share price. If investors (and traders) think that Company A has much potential to do well, they will pour more money into buying its shares. In turn, the share price shoots up. However, even one small mistake that Company A makes can turn the tide. If investors suddenly worry that this mistake will bring the whole company down, they will sell their shares in a heartbeat. Thus, the share price plummets.

But there’s one downside to stock trading.

greyhound betting system


Profiting from stocks takes a lot of time. Unlike in Company A’s example above, real-world companies often do not grow their share prices by 500% in just one month. Growth may take years, or even decades. While you may still profit in the short term, you won’t get much just yet. It will take several years of consistently putting in money to make even more money from stocks.

Not with the Two Trap Greyhound System

With a proven greyhound betting system, you can profit from every greyhound race there is. Races don’t take forever to finish, so profits can come in much, much faster than in stocks. What’s more, with the help of the Two Trap Greyhound System, you can get consistent profits from the races. And unlike in stock trading, there is no need to pore over mountains of data. The system has done most of that for you. All you need to do is relax, make an informed bet, and enjoy the game!

So if your’e a stock trader, you can certainly also earn extra money from the Two Trap Greyhound System. You don’t have to quit the stock market; just add this to your passive income stream.

betting system

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