Greyhound Betting Is It Worth It

Greyhound Betting: Is It Worth It? Here’s the Number 1 Reason Why

In this article, I’m going to be discussing with you a question that comes up regularly and that question is; is greyhound betting worth it?

Or put another way, is it worth spending time betting on greyhounds?

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So let’s get started.

Greyhound Betting: The Two Trap Greyhound System

People who are experienced with sports trading struggle to see the value of greyhound betting. It’s usual for them to struggle to trade at the price they want, whether that’s to back or lay. Also, they find it more difficult to trade the racing and wonder why that is.

Those of you who are familiar with my book; The Two Trap Greyhound System, will know that in greyhound markets, especially if you’re looking to trade in the traditional sense, the betting market for greyhound races has very little liquidity. The opportunities to trade at prices that you want are restricted by the liquidity of the market and whether your lay price will be matched.

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Because of these small markets, greyhound racing has different characteristics than the mainstream sports markets such as football or tennis, as these markets are more popular with the general public.

As well as the size of the market, there are other factors that can influence pricing, not just the form of the dogs. Betting markets are particularly volatile and quite often the markets don’t move until around 5 minutes or less before the off.

Often trackside rumours will impact the market more so than the form. Additionally as prize money is so low for winning a race, trainers and owners look for other ways to supplement their income from a race, maybe even betting on or even against their own dog.

So, is it still possible to make money on greyhound racing? Absolutely yes.

BUT – you have to appreciate that greyhound racing as sport does not compete in the same way that other sports do, the external revenue received from sponsorship or TV is not reflective as say football or snooker, for example.

That’s why tracks will offer trackside entertainment like refreshments and dining in order to make a day or night out at the race track that more appealing. Betting on a dog race is almost secondary to having a good day or night out.

Another factor that influences the liquidity in markets is the number of races. Almost every day there are over 70 races that people can bet on. This spreads an already small number of followers across more and more races. Contrast that with football and generally speaking only a Saturday would have 70 or more matches on.

Greyhound Betting: Is It Worth It?

The smaller markets will be influenced much more by even the smallest movement in betting on a dog, and as mentioned before, usually this sparks into life with under 5 minutes before the start of a race. Often within a minute of the off is when the market is at it’s most liquid, almost too late to get the price you want.

But don’t despair, you can still get the value on your greyhound trading. The challenge comes when trying to get your staking plan in place when the markets are not so liquid. You may find you have to place more stake if you can’t get the price you want.

This is particularly true when laying your greyhound racing, whereas if you are backing you have more control and options to place your stake.

Is trading the best way to see a profit with greyhound racing? In general I’d say no. But when you have the right systems, the right staking plan and you treat your greyhound betting in a professional way, as an additional income stream, then the answer is yes. 

The Two Trap Greyhound System offers you the opportunity to see regular profits from backing greyhounds, and historically has thrown up long odd winners.

You can invest in the book but ideally, by subscribing as a member of MBT Sports, you’ll get access to the training, the MBT Sports calculator and also access to the research done for you greyhound racing alert service. 

As well as the greyhound system, you’ll also gain access to other sports betting strategies including football, horse racing, tennis and golf.

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Can You Beat The Bookies If You Take A Professional Gambler Greyhound Racing?

The bbc video’s theme and narrative is set out in such a way that it leads to the conclusion that betting on greyhounds or any gambling for that matter, is a fools game.

Why Laying 0-0 still works in 2022

Why Laying 0-0 still works? (Updated)

When you lay a 0-0 draw, or any other score draw, with a 0-0 lay, it’s still considered a lay the draw strategy, but it’s more specific.

Profiting On Under 2.5 Goals

More Strategies For Profiting On Under 2.5 Goals Strategy

We hope that this article has shown you there are quite a few options when betting using the under 2.5 Goals Strategy.

create your own Over 2.5 Goals Strategy

How to create your own Over 2.5 Goals Strategy for free!

The aim of this video is to give you a step by step walkthrough of how you can make your own over 2.5 goals football strategy.

We’re not going over any staking plan, that’s for you to decide. This tutorial will focus only on the research.

The first step is to open up the sites you’ll be using for the research

Step 2 is to set up each site with the over 2.5 goals of data

Then in step 3, you’ll start your research

Step 4 we’ll gather all of the data together in one place

In step 5 we’ll analyse the information we’ve collected

And finally, in step 6, we’ll put what we’ve worked on so far, into practice.

Now, watch the video for the process on how to create your own over 2.5 goals strategy.

Start paper trading your system. This is simply where you do all the research as we’ve shown you, record the selections you would have made – but don’t actually bet.

It is recommended to begin paper trading your system, which involves conducting thorough research as we have demonstrated, documenting the selections you would have made, and abstaining from actually placing bets. This allows you to practice and refine your strategy without risking any actual money.

Then record the resulting win or lose along with the score. If anything stands out where you lost, a record that too (e.g. red card changed the play to defensive, highest scorer was injured etc). And where you feel it’s needed, you can make changes to the system so that you are, on paper, making consistent winning picks.

When we start a new system or look at using one from another source, we always paper trade. We’ll also test the system on past results when that’s available too. Here’s an MBT Sports Pro Tip – paper trade for 30 days to find out how profitable your system is.

create your own Over 2.5 Goals Strategy

If you want to learn even more about sports betting systems and tips head over to our website at

What step from this tutorial was new to you, was it Step 2 or 3 or something else?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Top Tips on How To Be A Tennis Betting Expert

Top Tips on How To Be A Tennis Betting Expert

In this article we are going to share with you several top tips, you can use today to become a tennis betting expert.

It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are, as with all sporting events, they are open to human error. As you know, if you have followed my articles and newsletter – sports betting can never be an exact science.

tennis betting expert

But, the laws of probability do help to identify when an outcome is more or less likely to occur.

In the MBT Sports membership area, we also have sports trading systems that work similar to Two Trap Greyhound System, and tennis is one of those sports.

Understanding how to identify probability by reverse engineering betting odds, is key to any successful sports trading or betting.

Knowing how to convert odds into their implied probability will help improve the chances of long term success when betting on tennis or any sport.

So how do you determine probability? The best way to demonstrate this is through an example.

A player has decimal odds at the bookmaker of 1.75, we need to determine what that converts to in terms of probability.

Probability is easy to calculate. Take the decimal odds and divide them into 1, and then express the answer as a percentage so in our example.

1 divided by 1.75 = 0.5714

0.5714 x 100 (to get a percentage) = 57.14%

This means the bookmakers believe that there’s a 57% likelihood that the wager will win.

Tennis is one of those sports that has more side markets than many other sports. It’s often better to find side markets to trade on than the straightforward match result.

If you plan to maximise profits and minimise risk, you need to have a tennis trading strategy based on a combination of scientific theory and discipline.

Here are some other tips that will help you become a tennis betting expert.

Only bet where there is value. Find matches where you can see value from your analysis. This can take many forms, but you’re looking for a market the bookmakers have proceed up wrong, in your opinion based on your analysis, and for which you think there’s a profit (value) to be had.

Look for out of form top seeded players; especially true at grand slam events, a player may be seeded higher in a tournament despite poor recent form, online bookmakers will often follow the players’ ranking, not the form.

Servers vs Returners, do some research on the two players, some players are more dominant when serving, others when receiving.

Check the players’ form on the match playing surface. Some players perform better on different types of surface. Be aware of a players’ preference.

There you have it, some simple tips that will help you win more tennis bet markets. 

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Now we want to turn it over to you. Which of these tips will you find most useful? Are you going to look for probability percentage or a player’s preferred playing surface? Either way let us know in the comments.

Good luck in your sports trading and remember: ‘Stop Gambling and Start Trading! 😊

Until next time… Thanks!


How To Always Win Football Bets (Updated)

How To Always Win Football Bets is a big promise isn’t it?

But let’s be honest, no one has ever come up with the perfect 100% guaranteed sports betting or trading system.

Even though we believe that our own strategy; THE TWO TRAP GREYHOUND SYSTEM does come pretty close to it.

And if you’re already a member of MBT Sports membership site then you’ll see several other sports strategies that use the two trap greyhound system as part of it’s core systems.

But today, we are here to share with you How To Always Win Football Bets.

As we said earlier, we won’t make that bold promise.

But, what we can do is give you some tips on how to improve your chances of winning your football bets.

Get to know your Sport!

This is true whether we are talking about football or any other sport. It is even more true when looking at sports that don’t lend themselves to a probability system or strategy.

Research, research, research. You can go into piles and piles of statistics and team form in detail if you want to, in fact, many professional sports traders do just that, and they usually specialise in one or two sports and keep very detailed records with analysis on teams and individuals so that they can come up with probable winning bets.

With the power of the internet, many of the stats are freely available if you know where to look. It will take you time to research the ins and outs of matches,  the teams and their players. Using online resources, read and take note of the relevant stats and information.

Here’s a great reference site to use; it’s called It is an absolute treasure trove of data with statistics on the best goalscorers, defenders, etc. Using the data available you can use this for the side markets in football. Here’s an example; you can research which teams score or concede the most goals before or after halftime; with that knowledge, you could place a bet on the Half-Time/Full-Time result.

Look for Value

I’ll cover how to calculate value, also known as probability, in another article but essentially once you’ve identified value, i.e. if you’ve calculated that the probability of the event you’re trading on exceeds that which is indicated by the probability, then you have a good value bet. Then it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth betting or not.

Side Markets are where it’s at…

Looking for the markets with the best value? Then always have a look at the match side markets, or sometimes called specials. Here you’ll find an array of markets, from over/under, half time / full time, correct score, to name just a few.

It may seem counterintuitive to go for specials, but these are often the markets that can improve the probability of a win. Here’s an example of specials where you can improve your likelihood of winning, that is to say giving yourself an edge.

Looking at the two markets; both teams to score and the over 1.5 goals market. In these markets quite often you’ll be able to make a better profit (or at least the same) betting on over 1.5 goals instead of both teams to score. That’s because over 1.5 goals mean you win if there’s 2 or more goals scored, by either team. But both teams to score market relies on both teams scoring. The odds will reflect this, but which of the two markets do you think to have a higher probability of happening?

Speculate to Accumulate, well kind of….

Accumulators or multi bets are a good way of increasing profit when you are trading on what both you and the online bookmakers believe to be a high probability of success. The downside is that often the odds are shorter and really short in some instances.

So how do you turn a profit with shorter odds? Accumulators of course. 

Be warned though. As you know anything with humans (or animals for that matter) involved has an unpredictable edge to it. So having an 8-match accumulator with teams at 1.25 and below (some as low as 1.01) is destined for tragedy. We can almost guarantee that you would lose an 8-bet accumulator with 8 favourites on short odds.

No, if you are going to have multi-bets, keep it to trebles or 4-folds maximum, that’s our advice.

There you have it, a simple guide that will help you win more football match markets. 

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Now we want to turn it over to you. Which of these systems will you use first? Are you going to use the single low odds markets or an accumulator market? Either way, let us know in the comments.

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Proven Football Betting System That Works

Proven Football Betting System That Works

We are sharing with you a proven football betting system that works. Make sure you read to the end as there’s a pro tip to further increase your profits.

Within the members area of the MBT Sports, you will find a system that compliments the greyhound strategy that you will find in The Two Trap Greyhound System book.

But we are not sharing that here.

No. But, here’s another proven football betting system that works.

Any one system won’t make you rich overnight, but this system wins consistently at around 80% of bets placed.

Which means it’s possible to trade up and have in place a recovery plan in the event any bets fail.

So, what is it? You ask.

Before we go into that, here’s some reasons why it’s such a good system:-

As we said earlier, this particular scenario occurs around 80% of the time in football matches.

It doesn’t matter which team scores.

It doesn’t rely on both teams scoring.

And there’s a lot of research data available.

Despite low odds, because of regular returns, the system helps you grow your bank.

So what’s the system?

Well it occurs in the over 1.5 goals market.

That’s it…. Shock horror!!!

Let me explain how this system works in more detail, as you do have to do some work to find and select the winning matches.

Take a typical season match day example; have a look at league matches, so ignore cup matches. Which, by the way, you really should do in any case as they tend to break the system.

Here’s the English Premiership:-

See how there’s 7 of 10 matches ended over 1.5

And look at the Scottish Premiership

Where 4 out of the 6 matches were over 1.5

There are many more examples of where this has happened in many leagues around the world.

But wait, that doesn’t mean you just simply ‘lump on’ every match and hope you make a profit. Oh no, there is a strategy behind this.

So how can you work this system?

Ideally for this to work, you need at least 10 matches in the same league to be playing that weekend.

In general, the minimum odds for over 1.5 goals averages out at around 1.35. Meaning that for every 1 point you stake you’ll get back .35 points profit for each selection that wins.

If you win 6 of 8 matches that’s just better than break-even, but remember 1.35 is the minimum, it’s often better than that. So you’ll make a profit. Also, remember you won’t be betting on all the matches in the same league.

From this selection alone, you would have made 2.62 points profit from the qualifying matches. That’s an R O I of 32%, not bad for one days selections.

Proven Football Betting System Works?

Here’s how the system works

Step 1. Find the league with 10 matches being played, it’s okay if the round of matches is over a couple of days. Most league fixtures are spread over the weekend or over two nights in mid week.

Now you research all the matches for the round in that league

Step 2. Go and look at the over 2.5 goals market. Now we know that sounds strange, but stick with it.

Step 3. Make a note of the matches where the odds for over 2.5 goals are in the range of 1.45 and 1.9

Step 4. Now go to the over 1.5 goals market, and find those matches where their odds are over 1.25

Step 5. Place singles bets on each match that qualifies.

That’s it, that’s the Proven Football Betting System That Works. Easy right?

Here’s a Pro-tip for you; If you want to get better odds, you can wait to trade in play. Of course there’s a risk here that an early goal could be scored, but with further research you can still get an edge even on this strategy. More of that another time.

Remember as this system has low odds, it isn’t going to make you rich overnight. But as you work and profit from the system. In time you can increase your stake, which means you can start to make significant paydays from this system.

So that’s it for this video. We hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions or need any clarification leave a comment below or send us an email to You can also follow us on Twitter, just search mbt sports. If you want more let us know.

If you are not yet a member of MBT Sports, or you would like to get your copy of The Two Trap Greyhound System, click the link on this page.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see YOU on the next one.

How To Bet On Greyhound Racing At The Track

How To Bet On Greyhound Racing At The Track

I’m going to be sharing with you some tips on how to bet on greyhound racing when you are at the track.

Night time greyhound race meetings can be a great night out. And with these top tips there’s a good chance you will leave with some cash too.

Do remember though, that a night at the dogs should just be looked on as entertainment.

Under normal circumstances, if you take your betting seriously there are golden rules you must follow so that you remain focussed and have the best chance of making a profit. 

However a night at the dogs usually means many of these golden rules are broken because you are having a night out with friends eating and drinking. Even so, there’s still a chance you can end up covering the price of your night out and maybe even come away with a tidy profit.

The real rule to follow on your night at the dogs, is to only bet with money you can afford to lose. 

A night meeting may have up to 14 races, so make sure you don’t get carried away with the excitement by betting on every race.

Two Trap Greyhound System Ebook

Think of your betting bank for the evening as part of your overall budget, just as you do for your food and drinks, think of your stake money as part of your budget for entertainment.

Now that we’ve established that this is a night of fun, here’s some tips that may give you the chance to make a little bit of cash and impress your friends with your betting knowledge!

So that’s it for this video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions or need any clarification leave a comment below or send me an email.

If you are not yet a member of the MBT Sports members area, or you would like to get your copy of The Two Trap Greyhound System, click here.

6 Sports Trading and Betting Basics Explained

6 Sports Trading and Betting Basics Explained

I’m going to share with you some of the basic terms and approaches for successful sports betting and trading

1) Fixed Odds betting – This is the most common form of betting. 

Fixed odds relate to the fact the odds don’t change once you’ve placed your bet. 

This is different from in-play trading or betting as the odds will move to reflect the performance, score, money in the market and other factors that could influence the odds.

2) A selection

this is simple, it’s just the bet or trade you placed on the specific market. For example, Chelsea to win is a selection, as is Chelsea to win 2-0 in the correct score market.

3) The stake

this is the amount of money you are prepared to wager on the selection. This should be a considered amount based on your overall betting bank, the odds and how confident you are in your selection.

4) Odds or SP

odds and SP, or starting price are the odds set by the bookmakers as a reflection of probability of an event happening or not happening depending on your selection.

Depending on your country and or your preference odds will be expressed as fractions, decimals or moneyline. I personally prefer decimals as it’s the simplest way to do the math. For example odds of 2.5 means you will get back 2.5 times your stake including your stake, in other words, 1.5 times your stake as profit.

5) Types of wagers

there are many different ways that bookmakers will offer in various markets and events. The most common ones being; overs and under, acca’s, and point spread or handicap. Overs and under markets mean you bet or trade on an event being over or under a certain number such as goals scored being over 1.5 is betting that more than 2 goals will be scored in a game, Similarly, you can have under 1.5, if you expect less than 2 goals to be scored.

6) Acca’s

accumulators; where you pick multiple selections to make up one bet with a single stake, so a 4-fold would be 4 selections with one stake bet and the odds would multiply up by all 4 odds assuming your overall acca is a success. And a point spread or handicap is where the market has a range (point spread) or one player or team has a handicap, usually in the form of goals or points (as in tennis).

These are much more like gambling as you are reliant as much on luck as you are on your own research and due diligence.

There you are, some basic terms of sports betting and trading explained.

I’m Peter Bright Author and founder of Two Trap Greyhound System and MBTSports, thanks for your attention.