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Double Chance Betting: How it Works

Football is a two-sided sport – there are two teams playing against each other, and either one of them will win, or the game ends in a draw. The three possibilities at the end of every football match allows for a betting market known as “1X2”. The 1 or 2 represents a win by the home or the away team, respectively, while X represents a draw.

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A betting strategy involves choosing one of the three choices. But the risk for those bets may be higher. To mitigate the risk, betting experts recommend the alternative method called “double chance” betting. In this method, you can combine two outcomes, meaning you can bet on 1X, X2, or 12. 1X is betting on “home win or draw”, 2X is “away win or draw”, and 12 is “home win or away win”.

Let’s take an example from one match between Arsenal and Leicester in the 2017-2018 season of the Premier League. In this match, Leicester are the away team, while Arsenal are the home team. Below are the odds of each double chance situation:

double chance betting

1X (Arsenal win or draw): Odds of 1.083

X2 (draw or Leicester win): Odds of 3.20

12 (Arsenal win or Leicester win): Odds of 1.20

This means that for a £10 stake, 1X will give you £10.83 profit, X2 will give £32, and 12 will give £1.20, given that either of the conditions are met. Betting on the away team winning has smaller odds (and a smaller risk) with double chance betting. Compare the odds to the normal 1X2 method: betting on 2 (Leicester win) has odds of 8.50. The risk here is higher than betting on either X2 or 12.

So if you’re looking to lower your odds and potential liability when betting on football matches, consider the double chance strategy.

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