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Essential Skills for Successful Bets on Greyhound Racing

As with any form of gambling, placing bets on greyhound racing is most of the time driven by chance. It’s very hard to tell with absolute certainty which dog will win a race. Gambling without doing your homework rarely gets good returns.

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But, as with any sport, greyhound racing has some elements that are predictable. There are certain things you can watch out for, which influence the outcome of a race. Having a keen eye for these things can be great skills to have when betting. Knowing the ins and outs of greyhound racing allows you to rake in more cash on your bets.

So then, here are three skills that are must-haves for successful betting on the races.

  • Knowing Track Conditions Beforehand

Naturally, the track itself can influence how greyhounds perform on it. Wet conditions can especially change the outcome of races, favoring certain dogs over others. Winter also changes the track drastically.

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Knowing how these conditions influence the greyhounds is a great skill to have. With this, you would instantly know which dog to favor and which to avoid, given only the weather at the time of the race.

  • Racereading

In other words, this means visualising how a race will be run, even before it begins. This requires several hours of watching previous races and taking notes. You’ll have to consider many factors here, like the dogs’ stamina, their running style, performance early in the race, performance late in the race, and many others.

Racereading requires patience and practise. But if you have this skill, it will be much easier for you to make bets, and you’ll win more bets through it.

  • Understanding the Trainers

In greyhound racing, it isn’t just about the dogs. The trainers play a part as well; without them, the dogs will not be able to run the way they do in the races. Some trainers do it right, excelling with young pups and keeping them in tip-top shape. Others, however, don’t do a very good job – they just direct the dogs from kennel to track and back. There isn’t much focus on the performance.

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So if a trainer has dogs who consistently win, that’s a good sign. He’s a good trainer, and dogs under him are probably worth betting on. Otherwise, if the trainers’ dogs lose a lot, you may want to stay away from any dog associated with that trainer.

Surely, you can build up these skills over time. Or, you could take a shortcut, through the Two Trap Greyhound System. With this, you don’t even need any experience to succeed in betting. The system does the heavy lifting for you.

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