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European Soccer Season Strategies 2018

With the new European football (soccer) season now in full swing, I thought it an opportune time to send a few articles on this subject, giving greyhounds a rest for a while, after all to be successful in anything, even in online sports trading, you have to diversify in to other sports.

I am developing new data and research analysis to widen the sports trading systems that The Two Trap Greyhound System has to offer, so over the coming weeks you will see some quite significant changes both to the regular articles and to the members area of The Two Trap Greyhound System.

So, I’ve mentioned before that in soccer (football) there are many more markets that you can trade on, such as both teams to score, over/under goals, correct score etc.

There are even some, what you might term, exotic markets, such as first yellow card, next throw-in, number of corners.

Let me say from the off I would never go anywhere near these more exotic markets, these are pure speculation and have no way of being able to be analysed to the point you can conclude there’s a probability of an event occurring or not.

So stick with the mainstream markets and the some of the side markets that have some basis in data and historical analysis, more on that in a future article.

If you’re wondering what football teams or markets to trade on, there are numerous factors to consider when looking at the possible winning strategies.

When selecting your market, always look for ‘an edge’, that’s to say where the outcome is restricted to maybe two or three (or 6 as in The Two Trap Greyhound System) possibilities; even a straight W/L/D on a match has just 3 outcomes, with some due diligence it’s possible to find those matches where the probability of a favourable result can be found.

Over the coming weeks I’ll share with you some strategies and markets where I have seen value and a high probability of success.

Until next time, see you soon.

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