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Football Strategies in Two Trap Greyhound System?

Those of you following along for a while will have seen me dropping little hints from time to time of some changes in the offing with The Two Trap Greyhound System.

The (very) smart ones of you, those who hang on my every word ( lol ) will be aware that changes are afoot.

football betting

Also, if you’ve looked at the video faq’s and read or listened to the answers, you will have noticed a few references to both the member’s area and also to The Two Trap Greyhound System calculator.

You’ll also no doubt have heard references to the Research Done For You alerts service.

We like to think of ourselves as an ever-evolving service provider, some of you will have already experienced changes that we’ve made, following input and feedback from the TTGS family members.

Over the past year, we have been researching several potential strategies and systems that use the basic methodology of The Two Trap Greyhound System and we have used that to review and research and test a number of different sports; hence where the reference to balls comes into the subject line.


What is it I hear you holla! Well in true suspense, you’ll have to tune in later for the next update.


But before you go, what I will say is that these new systems aren’t your straightforward mainstream win/lose sports trading, oh no.

We do have a number of tennis and football (soccer) strategies still under pilot, but the results are looking very promising.

As we begin to publish these systems, we’ll be letting you know in good time and where you can gain access to these.

So watch out for future updates on how The Two Trap Greyhound System is growing and expanding into other sporting markets.

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Have a great week!