greyhound betting strategy that wins

This is really all about you | Greyhound Betting Strategy That Wins

This is really all about you | Greyhound Betting Strategy That Wins

This time of year we start to see some strange results in sporting events, especially in the three sports we follow the most in The Two Trap Greyhound System members area.

Soccer, tennis and greyhounds all start to see an impact from the changing weather both the rain, wind and temperature all start to play their part. Even tennis moves indoors one tournament then off to 45c temperatures the next.

Greyhound Betting Strategy That Wins


Yes, the winter is a special time, that’s why it becomes so difficult to predict the likelihood of a result, take last weekend – anybody expects Real Madrid to lose at home?

Well, yes actually, I did.

I know that’s easy for me to say in hindsight, but if you’re a PREMIER member you’ll know how I would have known to stay away from that match.

greyhound betting strategy that wins

It’s not that I knew with any level of certainty that Real Madrid wouldn’t win, it was just that the research concluded there was no clear probability of any result; win lose or draw.


The only professional reaction to that conclusion is to stay away from the match, you don’t make money like that – but just as importantly you don’t lose any either.

The Two Trap Greyhound System PREMIER members get the same knowledge and research that helps them to make that same conclusion.

So, during the cold winter months, make sure you keep strictly to what your research is telling you, and stick to your greyhound betting strategy that wins, the season is less forgiving so don’t fall victim to its volatility.

Thanks and happy profitable trading!

Commit To Success – We Are Part Of Your Team,

Peter Bright and the TTGS Team


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