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Greyhound Betting Strategy: What’s the Difference Between Trading and Gambling?

Trading and gambling both have one end goal in mind: profits. On both sides of the table, gamblers and traders all want to profit. Then again, there is a huge difference between the two. One is driven by luck, and the other depends on strategy.

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Some would say that luck is a gambler’s best friend. It surely is – an ounce of good luck can bring a gambler a million pounds. Gamblers all long for that “windfall profit”, which would make them filthy rich in no time. But on the other side of the coin, luck can also be a gambler’s worst enemy. A stroke of bad luck is all it takes for a gambler to go from loaded to bankrupt in a heartbeat. Bad luck has emptied many wallets and zeroed several bank accounts.


The reason? Simply because probability drives luck. Probability favours no one. Chances are random. They may be mathematically predictable, but there is no way to be 100% certain of those chances. What is needed to garner more wins than losses is a strategy.

Take a look at the trader. He studies data extensively and uses patterns to make better decisions on the betting table. Once he sees the odds, he knows exactly what move to make next. He uses his knowledge of the numbers to win, and he does this every single time.

greyhound betting strategy

In greyhound racing, this is entirely possible too. You can either be a trader or a gambler. But if your goal is to make money consistently, a greyhound betting strategy is key. Be a trader and watch your profits soar.

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