Sports Greyhound Betting: Is Sports Trading the Same as Betting?

Is Sports Trading the Same as Betting?

There’s a misconception going on that sports trading is the same as betting. Perhaps because the premise is the same – put down some money and expect to win. But that’s about the only similarity.

Fact is, sports trading is fundamentally different from just betting because of one thing – strategy. In betting, it’s just putting money on whichever greyhound you feel is doing well and hope, and that’s it. No technique is involved there; it all depends on chance. But in sports trading, it depends a lot more on strategy.

Because betting depends solely on chance, the win rate would also be low. Probability isn’t very friendly to gamblers, and no one can do anything about it. That’s really how the maths are. Eventually, you’d realise that you’ve lost more money than you’ve gained. If your aim was to make more money than your bets, this is clearly a losing game.

With sports trading, chance still plays a role, but it isn’t the only player. Sports trading also involves knowing the game: the greyhounds, their stats, win/loss ratios, age, and many other things. Tell you what, even the weather can have a significant effect. Sports trading takes all these factors into account to guarantee more wins.

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So, if your goal is to make more money, sports trading is certainly the way to go. Only sound strategies will allow you to win more in the greyhound races. With that kind of a system in place, you’ll have to worry less about taking losses, because you won’t even lose as often.

One such system that incorporates all the essentials of a successful sports trading strategy is The Two Trap Greyhound System