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How To Bet On Sports: How “Lay the Draw” Betting Works

When you’re looking for ways on how to bet on sports, you may have encountered a strategy known as “lay the draw”. This strategy is a great addition to your in-play sports trading ‘tool-box’ and can prove very profitable when done correctly. Essentially, instead of betting on a player or a team, you bet against them. 

If you’re unfamiliar with it, here’s a nice analogy. Have you ever said, “I bet you won’t make it to work on time,” or “I bet Arsenal won’t win in today’s game”? That’s the basic principle behind lay betting – you are betting that something will not happen.

how to bet on sports

How to Bet On Sports? So for “laying the draw”, it means betting that a draw won’t happen. That’s your initial bet; then, watch the game as it progresses. When a team scores, the market would assume they would win later on. This, in turn, increases the price of the draw. You can then trade out of your initial bet for a profit.

It’s similar to the principle of “buy low, sell high” in the stock market. You first lay the draw at a lower price (buy low), then as the game progresses and a team scores, the draw price rises. Then, you trade out when the price goes higher (sell high), which will get you a nice profit.

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Once you’re in a winning position and decide to cash in some profit, you have two options. First is backing the draw for less than you used to lay. This way, you’ll scratch the draw and get all of your profit on either team winning. A second way is to back the draw so that all three outcomes have exactly the same profit. With this method, you know how much profit you get whatever the final outcome of the game is.

It helps to manage your expectations with lay the draw trading. This method does not guarantee windfall profits; you won’t be an overnight millionaire by just laying the draw. But it does guarantee you’ll at least make some profit, and if you consistently accumulate these small profits, they’ll add up significantly.

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