dog racing system

How to Sports Trade On Events in Other Countries | Dog Racing System

How to Sports Trade On Events in Other Countries | Dog Racing System

Many online bookmakers and exchanges will offer overseas betting / trading on major markets and major international sporting events. Major markets like football, tennis, baseball, boxing will almost always be available across different countries.

But how about dog racing system?

dog racing system

Two dogs racing at a race track.

However, as several of you have realised, The Two Trap Greyhound System is not always globally available, that’s to say if you’re in the US you can’t easily locate an online bookmaker or exchange that offers prices on greyhound meetings or dog racing outside the US (e.g like UK, Australia or Ireland).


So what’s to be done?


If you’re in the US there’s a site: that will help you research which online bookmakers will offer overseas greyhound cards prices. You may have to do a lot of manual searching to find bookmakers that cover what you need.


In Australia, you can trade in Australia and UK and Ireland, the UK can also place trades on Australian greyhound meetings.


Betfair is looking to open up its range of sporting events over time and no doubt, once the US gambling laws are opened up to wider competition more online bookmakers, will be offering overseas markets as well as the dog racing system.

dog racing system

It is possible to open overseas online accounts, but in doing so you are probably flaunting the law and almost certainly breaching the terms and conditions of the online exchange or bookmaker, so I wouldn’t suggest you do that – even if you wanted to use a VPN to hide your location.


In the meantime, do research in your own country and see what your options are. Let me know if you found one too and we can discuss. :)


Happy trading everyone!


Until next time, see you soon.