how to win at greyhound betting

How to Win at Greyhound Betting: The Casino vs. The Stock Market

How to Win at Greyhound Betting: The Casino vs. The Stock Market. You may be wondering what either casinos or stock markets have to do with greyhound betting. Casinos may be related as it also involves betting. Gamblers put money into, for example, a game of craps. There is no way they would know the exact outcome of each roll of dice. All they know is that each die may roll a number from one to six. Even without any certainty of winning, gamblers put in money anyway.

But the stock market? It’s a very different environment. How can it be even remotely related to betting?

greyhound betting strategies how to win

Actually, the stock market also involves a form of gambling. Stock traders put money into their preferred companies in the hopes of seeing those companies grow. When the companies grow, the traders’ money earns a profit. On the other hand, if the companies don’t do so well, the traders lose some of their money. Although there are ways to predict market forces, such as technical analysis, there is no way to do this with absolute certainty. In that regard, stock trading would still be sort of a gamble.

But what sets casino players apart from stock traders? The latter use statistics and strategy. Stock traders always want to make money, therefore they would choose to study the market first before making their trades. They put in a lot of money into their preferred companies, so they want to make as many profits as possible.


That sort of strategy and awareness of statistics can also be used in greyhound betting. If your goal is to get more wins and make more money in the races, it can be done. Reading the races, knowing the greyhounds, and predicting performance based on past records are just a few of the techniques you can use to win more in the races. Yes, it’s going to take time and effort to master these strategies, but you will thank yourself in the end.

how to win at greyhound betting

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