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Lay the Draw Exit Strategies


While the method of lay the draw may guarantee profits, punters still face a significant challenge. How do you know how and when to exit (trade out)? Is it when either team scores a goal? Do you let the game run up to the very end?

Finding and applying an exit strategy isn’t much of a walk in the park. It depends on your attitude towards risk, as well as how much profit you want to make. There is not a “one-size-fits-all” exit strategy for lay the draw bets. In fact, applying the wrong exit strategy may even cause you to lose your profits.

;aw the draw strategy

Choosing the right strategy matters a lot. It’s a huge part of how to win at sports betting. Here are a few things to consider.

Let’s say the favoured team scored a goal. At this point, you can instantly cash out and take your profits. But then, this may not maximise your profits. Especially with the market these days, where you can get only up to 45% return on your stake after one goal.

You could wait for the favoured team to score a second goal; this way you have the potential to lock in 80% returns or even more. But again, you could actually make more profits if you wait a bit more. Usually, a favoured team doesn’t blow a two-goal lead, so if you let it run up to the end, you could even make 100% profit. Even if the other team does make a goal, making the score 2-1, you can still make a profit, so this move is worth it.

lay the draw

The big risk you take by letting the game run is when the other team does equalise. When the score goes 2-2, then it’s a draw, and you lose your bet. Although this is rare, it can and does happen. Take this risk into consideration whenever you decide to let a game run before exiting.

Once more, considering your aversion to risk is a very important part of choosing an exit strategy. Betting experts always advise such. It isn’t wise to take risks that you think are too much for you; most likely you’ll end up losing more money than you gain. Remember the golden rules; ‘never trade (gamble) with money you can’t afford to lose’ and ‘when the fun stops – STOP’!

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