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Manage Your Trading Bank | Greyhound Betting System

Manage Your Trading Bank | Greyhound Betting System

If you’re reasonably new to sports trading, as opposed to regular betting, you will have noticed a need to be able to trade to a profit, that is to say recover a lost stake on the next race that you intend to trade.

When you are first starting out, or you intend to make small profits on a regular basis you need to be on top of your trading (betting) bank balance that you have in your betting exchange account.

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As you know, there’s no 100% system out their that guarantees winners in every event be it any sport, every time you bet or trade. But The Two Trap Greyhound System, when followed strictly to the system and remaining disciplined, will show consistent profits. If you’re not sure just paper trade.

So, what am I getting to? I want to share with you how I began my The Two Trap Greyhound System staking strategy and how included a stop loss, which I moved as I made more profits.

I started with 100, I’ll call them points to make it easy across the countries in which our members are trading. I started with 100 pts, the minimum exchange stake per selection is 2 pts, so I always started the meeting with a 4 pts stake minimum, most often this would be 5 pts.

greyhound betting system

What you have to bear in mind is that the lower your exchange bank the lower your stop loss should be (the amount you are preferred to ‘lose’ in order to continue trading in the future). In my stop loss strategy I use two stop points;

Number of races with a loss
50% of my exchange balance

Whichever I hit first is my stopping point. When I first started I was at 3 races, that’s not to say I need to use it too often. Today I still use a stop loss, actually in every sport I trade, AND you should too.

Have a great week!