0-0 lay profit

Further Maximising Profits on a 0-0 Lay

Are you looking for a profitable way of how to bet on sports? When you’re trading in football, the 0-0 lay is a popular, profitable strategy. The principle behind this is simple: a final score of 0-0 is very rare in football matches, so laying (or betting against) a 0-0 will, more often than not, rake in a profit.

0-0 lay

In many matches, one team will score at least one goal even before halftime. With this, you’ll earn something already with a 0-0 lay.

But in some cases, matches can go on to halftime with no goals scored. This does increase the risk of losing the bet, but again the likelihood is very low. It’s still highly probable that someone would score a goal in the 2nd half, so you can still profit.

How about the prospect of potentially adding more profit to your bet? It’s possible through a strategy that betting experts call drip laying. Here, you would lay the draw more than once at progressively decreasing odds. Take a look at the example below:

0-0 lay betting

Source: http://www.tradingfootball.eu/trading_techniques


Again, this is after halftime. So if the first goal is scored at around 60 minutes (at odds of 2.2), you make £5. If the first goal is scored at around 70 minutes (at odds of 1.75), you gain £10. And if the first goal is scored at 90 minutes or during stoppage time, you win all 4 of your lays and get £25.

0-0 lay profit

But on the rare occasion that the match does end in a 0-0, you are liable for £14.60. This is the risk to be taken. But since matches rarely end this way, the chances of losing your bet is small.

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