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Two Trap Greyhound System November 2019 Update | Betting on Greyhounds and Other Sports

A quick update watch the video above :) 

Transcript below:

Hi Peter Bright here of The Two Trap Greyhound System. I just wanted to give you an update on the issues we’ve been having pretty much the whole of this year, 2019 with a membership site.

Um, we are still having a few technical glitches. We hope to have them fixed very soon. Uh, there’s a lot of exciting stuff coming your way. Hopefully. Uh, in the next few weeks or so, when we have the site up and running, um, we, we’re still going to have the three tiers of membership, the standard, the premium, and the VIP package.

If you sign up to the VIP package, you will get some really exciting new, uh, areas of the membership site, as well as some new and exciting innovations in terms of the sports that we’re going to cover along with some new tips and daily tips, and we’re going to have what we are calling a group tips slot, which will mean that we can provide you with some rather interesting tips from other tipsters and from other sports. So keep checking back on the Facebook page.

Uh, also on the, uh, home page for Two Trap Greyhound system. We revamping and rebadging to MBT sports because we’re going wide instead of just down into the gray hands.

So lots of things to look forward to. Uh, stick with us. Uh, apologies again for the membership site glitches that we’re having. We’re working really hard to get it fixed. As soon as it is, you’ll be there. Second to know.


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