Proven Football Betting System That Works

Proven Football Betting System That Works

We are sharing with you a proven football betting system that works. Make sure you read to the end as there’s a pro tip to further increase your profits.

Within the members area of the MBT Sports, you will find a system that compliments the greyhound strategy that you will find in The Two Trap Greyhound System book.

But we are not sharing that here.

No. But, here’s another proven football betting system that works.

Any one system won’t make you rich overnight, but this system wins consistently at around 80% of bets placed.

Which means it’s possible to trade up and have in place a recovery plan in the event any bets fail.

So, what is it? You ask.

Before we go into that, here’s some reasons why it’s such a good system:-

As we said earlier, this particular scenario occurs around 80% of the time in football matches.

It doesn’t matter which team scores.

It doesn’t rely on both teams scoring.

And there’s a lot of research data available.

Despite low odds, because of regular returns, the system helps you grow your bank.

So what’s the system?

Well it occurs in the over 1.5 goals market.

That’s it…. Shock horror!!!

Let me explain how this system works in more detail, as you do have to do some work to find and select the winning matches.

Take a typical season match day example; have a look at league matches, so ignore cup matches. Which, by the way, you really should do in any case as they tend to break the system.

Here’s the English Premiership:-

See how there’s 7 of 10 matches ended over 1.5

And look at the Scottish Premiership

Where 4 out of the 6 matches were over 1.5

There are many more examples of where this has happened in many leagues around the world.

But wait, that doesn’t mean you just simply ‘lump on’ every match and hope you make a profit. Oh no, there is a strategy behind this.

So how can you work this system?

Ideally for this to work, you need at least 10 matches in the same league to be playing that weekend.

In general, the minimum odds for over 1.5 goals averages out at around 1.35. Meaning that for every 1 point you stake you’ll get back .35 points profit for each selection that wins.

If you win 6 of 8 matches that’s just better than break-even, but remember 1.35 is the minimum, it’s often better than that. So you’ll make a profit. Also, remember you won’t be betting on all the matches in the same league.

From this selection alone, you would have made 2.62 points profit from the qualifying matches. That’s an R O I of 32%, not bad for one days selections.

Proven Football Betting System Works?

Here’s how the system works

Step 1. Find the league with 10 matches being played, it’s okay if the round of matches is over a couple of days. Most league fixtures are spread over the weekend or over two nights in mid week.

Now you research all the matches for the round in that league

Step 2. Go and look at the over 2.5 goals market. Now we know that sounds strange, but stick with it.

Step 3. Make a note of the matches where the odds for over 2.5 goals are in the range of 1.45 and 1.9

Step 4. Now go to the over 1.5 goals market, and find those matches where their odds are over 1.25

Step 5. Place singles bets on each match that qualifies.

That’s it, that’s the Proven Football Betting System That Works. Easy right?

Here’s a Pro-tip for you; If you want to get better odds, you can wait to trade in play. Of course there’s a risk here that an early goal could be scored, but with further research you can still get an edge even on this strategy. More of that another time.

Remember as this system has low odds, it isn’t going to make you rich overnight. But as you work and profit from the system. In time you can increase your stake, which means you can start to make significant paydays from this system.

So that’s it for this video. We hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions or need any clarification leave a comment below or send us an email to You can also follow us on Twitter, just search mbt sports. If you want more let us know.

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