scalping is a sports trading strategy

Scalping is a sports trading strategy

Scalping is a sports trading strategy.

Scalping is about taking advantage of small movements in a market price where you can quickly enter and exit the market to extract small profits, whilst minimising your exposure.

This strategy can be very profitable if you know what you are doing. Scalping can be used in almost any market, but if this is a new strategy for you it’s best to paper trade using markets where the trend of the price will always be in one direction.


You have to enter a market with a back or lay position and then exit again as soon as a profitable position has been created.

You can exit the market, either with the same stake or with a hedge, depending upon your attitude to risk. A hedged exit will deliver a guaranteed profit but offers less return than the same stake exit, but the same stake profit is not guaranteed until it is hedged.

The important thing is to minimise your exposure because some markets e.g. a soccer / football match correct score market only needs a goal against you and this could mean you lose your entire stake – if you are still in an open position in the market when the goal is scored.

If scalping sounds confusing, to the newbie, it certainly is, but it can be learned and can be very effective in sports trading.

scalping is a sports trading strategy

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