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You need the MBT sports trading calculator…. Because

You need the MBT sports trading calculator…. Because

On the wonderful world wide web you can find a plethora of AI (artificial intelligence) that you can use to improve your sports trading. There’s calculators, online ELO ratings tables, strategies and data sites. Top of the list for paid for services are what’s called ‘bots’.

Sports Trading Calculator

There are so many different types of bots you can use or apply and I’ve even been asked if a bot can be used for The Two Trap Greyhound System to help with trading the selections. I have to confess here, I am not knowledgeable enough on the subject of bots to give an opinion. In theory, I would say yes a bot can be used.

I’ve done some research and found a few bots that claim they can be used with sites like Betfair and online bookmakers, but have you ever seen how complex the set up is?

In techy speak, you have to set-up the rules by which you want the bot to trade for you. I have to say, for me, at least – they are far too confusing. I would be too concerned to set up the bot only to find I’d missed part of the setup and my bank got wiped out in one shot!

Also, bot’s aren’t cheap, in fact, most carry an annual (or monthly) subscription licence. Now I am not against paid services, in fact, I recommend paid over free everyday.

(You do get what you paid for – right?) So that’s not the issue for me, except to say, that you need a good bot that will support your sports trading strategy – and not the one limited by the bot.

So, no. I don’t use a bot – yet. I find the MBT Sports Trading calculator to tick all the right boxes that helps support all the sports trading strategies (you can find in the MBT SPORTS members area) as well as The Two Trap Greyhound System itself.

The calculator grew out of a dutching and stake recovery system, and because it’s integrated as one seamless process, it’s very easy to follow. All you need to be able to do is post the right numbers into your online bookmaker account – and then STOP at a win.

The MBT Sports Trading calculator is a paid for service, you get included in your membership. But when you realise it’s less than the cost of a take-out coffee a day, it’s got to be great value – right? Especially when you get loads of other information and advice.

Good luck in your sports trading and remember: ‘Stop Gambling and Start Trading! 😊

Until next time… Thanks!

Commit To Success – We Are Part Of Your Team,

Peter Bright and the TTGS Team