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Sports Trading: What If The Game Is Still 0-0 Beyond Halftime?

Sports Trading: What if the Game is Still 0-0 Beyond Halftime? While scoreless matches are very rare in most football leagues, it still is quite possible. Have you ever encountered games where neither team has scored a goal even beyond halftime? It’s the last 20 or so minutes, and still, no one has scored?

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Well, if your preferred technique on how to bet on sports is the 0-0 lay, then this situation can get you quite worried. The potential loss for a 0-0 lay tends to be high, so what if you can’t afford to lose that much money? Surely no one wants to lose a bet that almost always gains a profit.

Some betting experts would suggest exiting at this point to minimise your losses. But again, this may not be in your best interest. Remember that matches ending in 0-0 are very rare in most football leagues. So why give up then?

sports trading strategy

Imagine the utter disappointment that you’ll feel when all of a sudden someone scores a goal at 89 minutes. Or better yet, at 71 minutes. Or if a team has to take a penalty shot and gets an easy goal.

At these critical junctures, don’t act on emotion. The moment you feel you’re going to lose is just that – a feeling. Don’t let the feeling be the judge. The statistics are on your side – matches rarely end goalless. Laying 0-0 is still a good pick. Just have the patience to see it through to the end if the situation requires it. 


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