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Sports Trading: Why Laying 0-0 Works?

Sports Trading: Why Laying 0-0 Works? You may have already heard of the “lay the draw” strategy, which is essentially betting against a draw. This is a nice strategy of how to bet on sports, because it does guarantee profits. Lay the draw is a general strategy, though; it does not consider a specific draw score. Lay the draw, in general, can work against a 0-0, a 1-1, a 2-2, and so on.

laying 0-0

With a 0-0 lay, it’s considered a lay the draw strategy, but it’s more specific. Here, you’re betting against the game ending with no goals scored. Or, put the other way around, you’re betting that at least one goal would be scored. In English football, goalless matches tend to be quite unusual – in the Premier League, for example, less than 10% of games end in 0-0. So this presents a good opportunity for betting.

There is a huge risk to be taken though. Laying 0-0 is an all-or-nothing bet. If a goal is scored, you automatically win; otherwise, you lose. And since laying 0-0 is typically at odds from 9 to 20, your potential losses are high when the game does end in a 0-0.

lay the draw strategy

But again, plenty of matches do not end in a 0-0 score. Thus, taking that risk isn’t too bad. And laying 0-0 can be profitable in the long term too, if you have the patience to wait until the odds have dropped while the match is in play. Once the odds have dropped, you can give your bets better value. And if making as much money as you can is your idea of how to bet on sports, it’s a good idea to take this route when doing 0-0 lay betting.

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