Stop Gambling and Start Trading – The Rules

Stop Gambling and Start Trading – The Two Trap Greyhound System has this statement consistently mentioned throughout the site. It’s a kind of mission statement if you will, a mantra, no more than that – a kind of vision, to help people who have been looking to sports betting as a way to make extra income, only to lose more than they win.

That’s not trading that’s gambling. If you have been gambling stop – RIGHT NOW! So how can we stop gambling but still use sports betting as an income stream?

greyhound betting strategy

Start sports trading, but fundamentally even before that you must follow a set of basic rules. I’ve set these out as they apply to The Two Trap Greyhound System, other sports trading systems will / may have similar rules:-


1 – Only Trade with money you can afford to lose – obviously we aren’t looking to lose, but this is fundamental if you do lose all your sports bank it must not be the end of your financial wellbeing. Sports trading can be one of a number of streams of income – it must not be your only source of income!


2 – Find a sports trading system that you understand and can work e.g. The Two Trap Greyhound System


3 – Be disciplined, stick rigidly to the letter of the system, any deviation will break the system, remember someone has spent a lot of time and money fine-tuning their system, the steps they lay out are there for a reason.


4 – Manage Your Money, after every trade review your betting bank, adjust or review your next stake, or even decide to stop for that particular round

greyhound races

5 – Specialise – follow only certain sports as closely as you can, if you don’t have the time find a way to get extra information (e.g. set up alerts using ‘google’, or follow certain experts or sports sites)


6 – Stop at a win, The Two Trap Greyhound System has this as a fundamental rule in it’s system, many sports trading strategies do too, and for good reason.


7 – Do not let emotion cloud your judgement, this can be especially true if you win early on when using a system such a The Two Trap Greyhound System, it’s very easy to convince yourself you will win again! Don’t do it – stay disciplined and remember rule 6 – stop at a win.


8 – Set realistic expectations, it’s better to expect small profits at the start and build up on your trading bank as you progress through the system

Good luck in your sports trading and remember: ‘Stop Gambling and Start Trading! Click here if you want to learn more.