tennis betting strategy for 2019

Tennis Betting Strategy for 2019

If you are new to tennis sports betting or trading what is a good tennis betting strategy for 2019?

Well, tennis is an interesting sport, not just to follow along but also because when top-seeded players are up against the lower seeds, it’s often clear that the Top seeds will win.

This is clearly reflected in the shorter odds for the favourites, but there are strategies that will give you better odds than simply the match odds. Look at the in-play and the side markets for real value.


Image by tenis en el atlantico from Pixabay 

One of the more popular tennis betting strategies is to place a small amount on the underdog before the game starts. You can then wait to see how the start of the match and if the favourite player can’t get an early grip on the game, the odds on them winning in the number of sets market will move out.

At this point, you can likely get good odds to back the favourite to win sets by 2-0 and benefit from better odds. With this tennis betting strategy you don’t to know much if anything about tennis, so there’s very little research needed.

Another tennis betting system that uses is this;

Bet on the winner of the first set. This will require a level of research in order to improve the probability of a winner. Some players are known for getting hold of a game early on, especially when playing lower seeds.

They want to get early round matches over and done with as quickly and as cleanly as possible. Often you will see the odds offered by bookmakers on the winner of the first set are very similar to the ones given for match betting.

If you are a beginner to tennis sports trading, then you might want to consider a tennis betting strategy using in-play betting on the outcome of individual sets as your first tennis even better, is that you don’t need to be a tennis betting expert – although it does help!

There you are, two simple but effective tennis betting strategies that when done correctly can show some good returns.

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