greyhound racing vs horse racing

There’s One Thing about Greyhound Racing that Makes Them Easier to Win than Horse Racing

Both horse racing and greyhound racing are popular options when you’re finding out how to bet on sports. But despite how similar they may be, greyhound racing and horse racing definitely are not the same. There are many things that set them apart from each other.

One very clear distinguishing factor is the human component. In horse racing, each horse is directed by a jockey sitting right on each horse. How fast the horse races and how it behaves for most of the race would depend a lot on the actions of the jockey.

greyhound racing

So that becomes an extra variable in determining who wins any given horse race. The horse may have great form and be well-bred, but if the jockey directing it is not the best, that changes the game altogether. Conversely, an underdog horse with a highly skilled jockey may have a good shot at winning. This factor can seriously throw off your bets if you base them only on the statistics of the horses.

Compare that with greyhound racing. Here, there are no jockeys. Once the gate is opened, greyhounds run as they please, in a pace that they are used to. There are no jockeys to direct them once they have started running, simply the dogs chase after the ‘hare’. This way, greyhounds are easier to predict, and thus dog racing is much simpler to deal with.

greyhound racing vs horse racing

With fewer variables to consider, it’s also easier to know how to win at greyhound betting. At the end of the day, dog racing is really much more profitable than horse racing. Now you know a better place to put your money.

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