Three Things to Watch Out for in Greyhound Racing that You Didn’t Know Are Important

Three Things to Watch Out for in Greyhound Racing that You Didn’t Know Are Important

Winning your bets in greyhound racing takes more than just plain luck. It takes careful planning and strategy. You have to know the numbers to make informed decisions. Every punter would want to put their money on the winning dog, and being able to read statistics and make accurate predictions on how each dog would perform in a race is crucial.

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You may then be wondering what statistics you need to watch out for. There are so many, but here are just three of them that would make you really think outside the box.

  1. Track Conditions


The state of the racetrack on the day of the race is critical to how the greyhounds will perform. Some dogs may run comfortably on a dry track but struggle on a wet, muddy track. Even the weather may affect the dogs’ behaviours. It’s a good idea to take note of the track conditions in each race and what effect they will have on each greyhound’s abilities.


  1. Race History

Just because a greyhound won its last race doesn’t mean that it will win the next race. Conversely, it doesn’t mean that if a greyhound lost its last race that it will still lose the next one. While performance on the immediate last race is a good indicator, it is not enough of a measure of how the dog will fare next time around. You must also look at how well they did in the past 3, 5, or even 10 races. In fact, the more data you have on a greyhound’s past races, the better. Looking at the race history allows you to gauge a greyhound’s performance more accurately.


  1. Greyhound Age

It may seem common sense that older, more experienced greyhounds are better picks. But this isn’t always the case. Some of these older dogs are also already worn from racing a lot. They may not have as much endurance as before, or they could already be weaker so they don’t run as fast. Having this considered, it could be to your advantage to select young pups every now and then. If the statistics say the young ones perform better, then it is indeed worth a shot to cash in on them.

Three Things to Watch Out for in Greyhound Racing that You Didn’t Know Are Important

Again, this is by no means an exhaustive list of factors to look out for. There are plenty more, and you need to study all of them in order to win your bets in greyhound racing.

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