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Tips for Succeeding in a Greyhound Betting System

All right, so you’ve found a reliable greyhound betting system to follow. What’s the next step? How can you pocket those sweet profits each race?

While it is indeed tempting to just go all out and bet as much as you can like there’s no tomorrow, remember your biggest reason for following a trading system – strategy. Your bets have to be carefully chosen to gain profits. Recklessness will only make you lose money, and you’ll have wasted the dog racing system that you just purchased.

In order to prevent that, keep these five things in mind when using a greyhound betting system.


Don’t bet more money than you can lose

Have a set “budget” for greyhound betting. Don’t put all of your life savings on it, or the money for your child’s tuition, or the money for paying the rent. Remember that there is always a chance you will lose the money. Whatever amount you will use for betting should not cost you an arm and a leg.

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Choose one greyhound betting system and stick to it

Proven ones like the Two Trap Greyhound System are terrific blueprints for betting. These systems are developed with well-researched data and use proper mathematics. There are many betting systems available today; the important thing is to stick to one system. Mixing two or more of them up will just hurt your chances of profiting more.


Resist the temptation to improvise

Greyhound betting systems would give you step-by-step information, so it’s best to follow the instructions precisely. Veering away from the plan will not do you any good. There are always some unexpected circumstances that can happen in each race; at least if you follow what the system says, you’re in good hands. The designers of those dog racing systems also have considered any of those possibilities.

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Consider the commissions charged by betting exchanges

More often than not, you’ll be betting using exchanges like Betfair. These fellows get a cut out of your profits, of course for the service they provide you. Consider the percentages that the exchanges get to make better decisions. Otherwise, you may not be aware that you’re netting a loss.


Stop at a win

This is a rule of thumb for any greyhound betting system: Once you win, stop trading. Again, it’s tempting to keep betting on a lucky shot, but that’s not how probability works. The chances of the same outcome happening again is always separate for each race. There are no “win multipliers” here.


So bet wisely, and may the odds be in your favour. And if you don’t’ make as much as you expect the first time around, that’s okay. There’s always a next time, and you can always learn from your mistakes.

Good luck in your sports trading and remember: ‘Stop Gambling and Start Trading! Click here if you want to learn more.