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Top Tips to make you a tennis betting expert (2019)

Want to know how to become a tennis betting expert?

It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are, as with all sporting events, they are open to human error, as you know, if you have followed my articles and newsletter – sports betting will never be an exact science.

But, the laws of probability do help to identify when an outcome is more or less likely to occur.

In the two trap greyhound system PREMIER members area, we also have sports trading systems that work alongside TTGS (Two Trap Greyhound System), tennis is one of those complimentary sports.

Understanding how to express probability by deciphering betting odds is key to any successful sports trading or betting.

Knowing how to convert odds into their implied probability will help improve the chances of long term success when betting on tennis or any sport.

So how do you determine probability? The best way to show this is through an example;

Let’s say player A odds at the bookmaker is 1.75, we need to determine what that converts to in terms of probability.

Probability = 1/decimal odds expressed as a percentage so in our example;

1/1.75 = 0.5714 which is 57%. So in profit terms, you stand a 57% probability of receiving .75 x your stake.

Tennis is one of those sports that has more side markets than many other sports.

If you plan to maximise profits and minimise your risk, you need to have a tennis trading / betting strategy based on a combination of scientific theory and discipline.

Here are some other tips that will help you become a tennis betting expert.

Good luck in your sports trading and remember: ‘Stop Gambling and Start Trading! 😊

Until next time… Thanks!

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