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Trading In-play Getting The Edge | Sports Betting System

Trading In-play Getting The Edge | Sports Betting System

Back in the day, it used to be that you’d place a wager on a game or an event before the start and wait until after the result to collect (or not) your winnings.

The progression of online bookmakers and exchanges has changed all that! Now, not only can you trade the old way, wager and leave, you can now trade in-play or trading in-play.

This is a massive game changer for sports traders and it provides the sophisticated, knowledgeable, professional trader with an edge over the bookmakers and exchanges that offer in-play trading.

In-play betting or trading in-play or trading it involves placing wagers on sports events while they’re actually taking place. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

It’s fundamentally the same as traditional sports betting in every other way. You have a range of wagers and betting markets to choose from, and you have to pick your selections based on what you think will happen.

trading in-play

You take fixed odds at the time of placing a wager. If your selection is correct, you get paid out. If it isn’t, you lose your stake.

But, there are two subtle differences with live betting that now gives you an edge as sports trader; firstly, there are additional types of markets on offer and secondly, during in-play the odds are constantly changing.

So, where’s the edge for sports traders then? Let’s take soccer (football) as an example, in-play has additional markets, such as next team (or player) to score, next corner, next yellow card, there’s an abundance of extra markets in-play.

football betting

Now clearly some (indeed, a LOT) are so speculative they are designed specifically to help relieve you of your money, I mean who knows which team will win the next corner or throw-in?

No, those markets are pure gambling, complete chance – so my recommendation is to stay away from them.

Okay, so if you shouldn’t trade on next corner, or throw-in, which markets should you trade in? I think you know what I’m going to say next?


Watch for my next newsletter, when I’ll give you a list of in-play markets that you can consider if you want to trade in-play.

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