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What’s the Major Difference Between Greyhound Betting and Trading?

When it comes to greyhound racing, there are three things you can do. First, you can watch the races. As someone in the audience, it’s fun to just watch the dogs run like the wind and gun for the finish line. Second, you can bet on the dogs racing.

betting on greyhound racing

Greyhound betting has been around for as long as greyhound racing itself, so you can certainly take your chances. And last but not least, you can do trading and significantly increase your profits than plain betting.

Now you may be wondering: what sets trading apart from betting, and how can the former land you more quid? The short answer is strategy. Simply betting on greyhounds does not require any planning at all; it’s usually going with your gut feeling. This leaves a large margin for error – indeed, it’s common to make costly mistakes in greyhound betting.

greyhound betting

But if you want to play to win, a strategy is key. You must know which greyhound to put your money on. You must also know lots of key factors surrounding each greyhound as well to maximise your chances of winning.

The long answer is strategy and study. It takes hours of gruelling analysis to make sense of all the statistics you need to know to make the best greyhound pick. These data are also constantly changing; therefore, you must be very adaptable.

You will have to put in the effort to study how to use the numbers to determine the winning greyhound. It will take time, but in the end, it will be worth it. You’ll rake in more money than just betting on chance.

But what if you’d rather not do all that? You’d be glad to know there is a shortcut – the Two Trap Greyhound System. This system has done all the heavy lifting for you, making it much easier to make that winning pick. Not just once, but consistently. This is how to win at greyhound racing.

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