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Why Emotional People Make Bad Trades | Greyhound Betting System That Wins

Why Emotional People Make Bad Trades | Greyhound Betting System That Wins

Well, it’s likely obvious right?


Sports Trading, like any form of trading, requires a certain kind of mindset and personality to be successful.


If you are an emotionally driven person, when you first start using The Two Trap Greyhound System you may find yourself led by your heart and not by your head, some people get carried away by the excitement of the system (really I’m not kidding here) they imagine amassing a small fortune  in a few weeks, from trading on greyhounds.

bad trades

Some people will create a spreadsheet with an accumulator and set out a monthly timeline and drop in the numbers…. they’ll see massive returns in 30 days starting small and growing their bank by over 1000% in 30 days… !


You know what? – everything works in excel!


But here’s the reality – the real world isn’t digitally coded unless you think we live in the Matrix, in which case you probably need a different newsletter to this one. LOL


No, in the real world, we have variables, stuff happens in the real world that you can’t plan for, so forecasting your future wealth on a spreadsheet is a waste of damn time and just as bad, it’s demotivating.

When you have an unsuccessful day, you’ll derail your plan, your strategy, you’ll feel unhappy and probably other negative emotions too.


That’s why in The Two Trap Greyhound System we advise you to be disciplined in your trades.


For example; always – stop at a win!

stop at a winner

It’s incredible, but mastering this very simple strategy can be the difference between success using The Two Trap Greyhound System and failure.


So, as a final piece of advice today, never trade when you are emotional.


Get yourself in the mindset of a stone cold heartless ‘killer’ follow the system – exactly and then place your trades!


Never chase a winning (or losing) streak because I guarantee that IS emotionally driven and your trading bank will hit zero before you know it.


Get the trade done in a clear non-emotional state, sit back and take the win.


Happy Trading and we’ll catch up again soon!