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Another Reason Why Greyhound Races Are Easier To Win Than Horse Races

If you read our previous post about why betting on greyhounds is more profitable than horses, here’s another reason

Why Greyhound Races are Easier to Win than Horse Races

Have you noticed something about greyhound racing compared to horse racing? It’s the racetrack. In horse racetracks, the tracks are wider, and the overall track is much longer than greyhound racetracks.

It’s to be expected since horses are larger animals. But there’s something about this that brings a distinct disadvantage to horse racing.

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With the racetracks being larger, horses have a lot more “wiggle room”. In other words, they can tend to behave a lot more randomly than greyhounds do.

This adds an extra level of uncertainty to the race, making it harder to successfully select winning horse bets on a consistent basis.

Even if you have done enough research on the horses for the race you’re betting on, this extra factor of random behaviour can throw off your bet.

Maybe you thought your favoured horse will win, but then for some strange, random reason, it suddenly didn’t.

greyhounds vs horses

Greyhound Races v Horse Races

With greyhounds, though, you don’t have to worry so much about this random behaviour.

Greyhounds have more defined running patterns, so predicting who will win a given greyhound race is easier. Sure, greyhound racing has its own set of statistics and strategies to learn, but it takes less effort to study them. It’s a lot easier to learn how to win at greyhound betting than in horse betting.

So if your goal is to make money, bet on the greyhounds. They’re the more profitable choice. And because it takes less effort to learn the strategies for greyhound racing, it indeed is the better option if you want to make money right away.

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